MOFT20-M12-5AX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING M12 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m C.. View larger
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MOFT20-M12-5AX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING M12 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m C..




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Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING M12 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Cable OUTPUT External Amplifier MATERIAL Metal Others SENSING RANGE 20 m HOUSING M12 x 42 mm MATERIAL Stainless Steel ADDITIONAL ATEX

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Photoelectric Sensors

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Photoelectrics, ATEX
Through-beam for Separate Amplifier
• Built-in lens: 2°, 5° or 8°
• Range: 20 m
• Modulated infrared light
• High immunity to ambient light
• For amplifier series S142. and S143.
• Degree of protection IP 66/IP 67
• ATEX II 3 DX T50°C
• High penetration power
• 15 m shielded PVC cable
• Ø 10 mm polycarbonate housing or M12 or
M14 stainless steel
Product Description
Ordering Key
MOF T 20-M12-2AX
ATEX approved smal through beam photoelectric switch. Range up to 20 m. 3 beam angles.Waterproof, for dirty environment, i.e. water, dust,steam etc. To be used
withamplifiersseries S142.
15 m shielded cable, PVC. Ø 10x42mmpolycarbo- nate or M12 or M14 stainless steel housing. Straight opti- cal axis.
Type Emitter Range
Housing diameter Optical angle ATEX
Type Selection
HousingRatedOpticalOrdering no.:Ordering no.:
diameteroperating angle EmitterReceiver dist. (Sn)
Ø 10 mm2°MOFRAX
20 m2° MOFT 20AX
20 m5° MOFT 20-5AX
20 m8° MOFT 20-8AX
20 m2° MOFT 20-M12-2AX
20 m5° MOFT 20-M12-5AX
20 m8° MOFT 20-M12-8AX
20 m8° MOFT 20-M14-8AX
Specifications EmitterSpecifications Receiver
Rated operational volt. (Ue)3 V, (square wave)
supplied by amplifier
Supply current (IO) MOFT 20≤ 15 mA MOFT 20-5 ≤ 50 mA MOFT 20-8 ≤ 50 mA
Light sourceGaAIAs LED, 880 nm Light type Infrared, modulated Optical angle ± 2°, ± 5°, ± 8°
Indications On amplifier
ProtectionShort-circuit, reverse polarity
Rated operational volt. (Ue)8 VDC supplied by amplifier
Rsource 470Ω
Supply current (IO) ≤ 11 mA
SensitivityAdjustable on amplifier
Optical angle ± 2°,± 5°, ± 8°
Ambient light 10,000 lux (sensitivity ±5%) Note: The actual range will be within ±5% of the set range at an ambient light of 10,000 lux
Operating frequency (f) See amplifier data
Response time (tOFF& tON)See amplifier data
Power ON delay (tv)See amplifier data
Indications On amplifier
ProtectionShort-circuit, reverse polarity
Specifications are subject to change without notice (25.10.2010) 1

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