RSBS2325A2V12C24 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Soft Starter LOAD Phase 1 HOUSING WIDTH 90mm MOT.. View larger
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RSBS2325A2V12C24 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Soft Starter LOAD Phase 1 HOUSING WIDTH 90mm MOT..



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Selected parameters SYSTEM Soft Starter LOAD Phase 1 HOUSING WIDTH >90mm MOTOR RATING >3kW to 10kW OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE Up to 250VAC LOAD CURRENT > 25A to 32A CONTROLLED PHASES 1-Phase MAX NUMBER OF STATS PER HOUR >10 to 20 Others LOAD (result) Soft starting of 1-Phase scroll compressors LOAD CURRENT 25A AC MAX MOTOR RATING 4.4kW OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE 195-264V Acrms DIMENSIONS 81.4 x 137 x 60.4 CONTROLLED PHASES 1-Phase MAX NUMBER OF STATS PER HOUR 12

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Softstarters Soft Starters Motor


Soft Starters

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Soft Starter
AC Semiconductor Motor Controller
Type RSBS23..A2V.2C24..
• Soft starting of 1-Phase Scroll Compressors
• Enclosed solution
• Integrated current limit
• Rated operational voltage: 230 VACrms, 50/60 Hz
• Rated operational current: up to 32A: AC-53b
• Integral bypassing of semiconductors
• Built-in transient overvoltage protection
• Undervoltage protection after ramp up
• DIN rail or panel mount
• EMC Compliant
• Optional auxiliary alarm relay output
• Relay Protection
• UL, cUL listed
• Optimised algorithm for high pressure starts4
• Integrated protection against short-cycling
• Voltage dips and interruptions detection
• Bi-colour LED for indication of delay between starts and/or alarm
Product Description
Ordering Code
RSB S 23 32 A2 V12 C24 HP
This motorcontroller,intendedtobe used with single-phase scroll compres- sors can limit inrush currents to
40AACrms for RSBS2325A2V.2C24.. and 45AACrms for RSBS2332A2V.2C24..1. Uponapplying the control signal, soft starting is achieved within a 600ms interval2. At the end of the soft-startfunction, the semiconductors are bypassed by elec- tromechanical relays. The device rating is based on a maximum of 12 starts per hr.3
Application of supply voltage is indicat- ed by a green LED in the full ON state. Alarm indication is provided through a red LED which signals the type of alarm via a user friendly flashing sequence.
Delay between starts and/or from stop to start is indicated via an orange LED.
Type Selection
Short circuitand Overload protection are not provided with this controller and must be procured separately. Starting and running capacitors are required for controller to operate as intended.
The RSBS can also be supplied with an optional auxiliary alarm relay (Option - V22).
Note:The main andbypassrelays may be in an undefined state due to transportation.Incasebothrelays are latched in the ON state, there will be a direct on line start of the com- pressor - even without control signal. To avoid the direct on line start, the user may do a first power up with no load connected for a period of
≥ 3seconds.
Board level Motor Controller
Scroll Compressor
Rated operational voltage Rated operational current Control voltage
Starting Capacitor
The RSBS can detect voltage dips and interruptions ≥50msec
* for 50Hz supply
TypeRated operationalRated operationalControlOptionsStarting Capacitor Version voltage Ue Current IeVoltage Uc
RSBS: 1-Phase23: 230VACrms 25: 25AACA2: 230VACrmsV12: Enclosed C24:200-240µF HP:High SoftStarterfor 32: 32AAC V22: EnclosedPressureStarts ScrollCompressors &aux.alarmrelay
Selection Guide
Rated operational voltage UeRated operational current Ie Option
25A AC-53b 32A AC-53b
230V ACrms 50/60Hz RSBS2325A2V12C24RSBS2332A2V12C24 Enclosed
RSBS2325A2V22C24RSBS2332A2V22C24 Enclosed and
RSBS2332A2V12C24HPAux. alarm relay
1. Applicable to balanced pressure starts in case of RSBS2332A2V.2C24HP
2. For RSBS2332A2V.2C24HP, ramp time is < 1 sec.
3. For RSBS2332A2V.2C24HP, max. starts per hour = 10
4. Applicable to RSBS2332A2V.2C24HP
ATTENTION: The RSBS soft starter is NOT to be used as a safety device. The RSBS, on its own, cannot guarantee any safety and therefore other components need to be used to ensure that the system operates safely.
Note: Power up is defined as the moment when L/L1 and N/L2 are applied to the RSBS.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (12.12.2013) 1

Datasheet - PDF

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D philippe

bon produit

marche très bien , et bon service de vente

B Pascal

démarreur progressif Calo Gavazzi type RSBS2325

Très bon produit, mise en place facile, documentation technique technique complette

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