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AML150M12 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Magnet MATERIAL Plastic Others




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Selected parameters SYSTEM Magnet MATERIAL Plastic Others

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Magnetic Field Sensors Switch Door Proximity


Magnetic Sensors and Safety Magnetic Sensors

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Magnetic sensors
Accessories: Jaws, Supports, Magnets
• ABS v0 jaws series lengths 100, 150, 250 mm
• ABS v0 support Ø 12 mm
• Plastoferrite magnets series (for monostable sensors), lengths 100, 150, 200, 300 mm (the north pole is marked with a white line)
Product Description
Ordering KeyA J L100 M12
The AJL jaw series is addressed to an easy mounting of the M12 sen- sors on the lift car roof by a specific support.
The sensor can be inserted in the ASD support and positioned along the jaw then it can be adjusted
Type Selection
along the supporthole and fixed by a screw on the top ofthe support.The plasto- ferrite magnets AML for monostable and bistable sensors are the suitable unitsforthe sensor activa- tion,alsoforelevated lengths.
Accessories Type Length/Diameter Sensor Diameter
Type DimensionsMaterial Ordering n.
Jaw 114x20.5x14 mmABS v0A J L100 M12
Jaw 165x20.5x14 mmABS v0A J L150 M12
Jaw 267x20.5x14 mmABS v0A J L250 M12
Support Ø 12 mm ABS v0A S D12 M12
Magnet 100x15x6 mm Plastoferrite A M L100 M12
Magnet 150x15x6 mm Plastoferrite A M L150 M12
Magnet 200x15x6 mm Plastoferrite A M L200 M12
Magnet 300x15x6 mm Plastoferrite A M L300 M12
General Specifications
AJL100M12114x20.5x14 mm AJL150M12165x20.5x14 mm AJL250M12267x20.5x14 mm
Material ABS v0
AJL100M128 g AJL150M1212 g AJL250M1219 g
Operating temperature -25 to +75°C, R.H. < 95% CE marking Yes
ASD12M12 24.8x22.6x16 mm
Diameter Ø 12 mm
Material ABS v0
Weight7 g
Operating temperature -25 to +75°C, R.H. < 95% CE marking Yes
AML100M12 100x15x6 mm AML150M12 150x15x6 mm AML200M12 200x15x6 mm AML300M12 300x15x6 mm
Material Plastoferrite North pole referenceYes, white line Weight
AML100M12 21 g AML150M12 31 g AML200M12 41 g AML300M12 61 g
Operating temperature -25 to +75°C, R.H. < 95% CE marking Yes
Specifications are subject to change without notice (18.03.15) 1

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