MQA1EX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Atex HOUSING Rectangular OUTPUT 1 Normally Open MATERIAL Pl.. View larger
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MQA1EX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Atex HOUSING Rectangular OUTPUT 1 Normally Open MATERIAL Pl..




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Selected parameters SYSTEM Atex HOUSING Rectangular OUTPUT 1 Normally Open MATERIAL Plastic SENSING RANGE 10 to 35 mm Others HOUSING Rectangular CONTACT RATINGS 230VAC, 0.75A, 10VA SWITCHING DISTANCE 35 mm

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Magnetic Field Sensors Switch Door Proximity


Magnetic Sensors and Safety Magnetic Sensors

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Proximity Magnetic Sensors Explosive Environment Sensors M Atex Series - Encapsulated
• Rectangular plastic housing
• Encapsulated, NO, NC or CO output function
• PVC cable
• According to EN 60079-0 and 60079-18
• Atex certified
Product Description
Ordering KeyM Q A1 EX
These productshavebeen developed and approved to be used in potentially explo- sive areas, applying protec- tion methods in accordance withEN 60079-0normative (Electrical apparatus for potentiallyexplosiveatmo-
spheres. General require- ments) and EN 60079-18 (Encapsulation “m”).
Mmagneticsensors are in category 2, suitable for zone
1 or 2 (gas), 21 or 22 (dusts).
Housing type Contact type Atex certified
Atex Marking
As for 94/9/EC (ATEX) Directive, products are marked:
II 2G Ex mb IIC T5 Gb
II 2D Ex mb IIIC T 100°C Db IP67
Marking as for ATEX directive: II 2 G or II 2 D
- II: group, it identifies the surface industry.
- 2: high protection category, allowing use in areas where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation
(zone 1 and 21, covering also zone 2 and 22).
- G: presence of gases, vapours and mists (zone 1).
- D: presence of explosive dust (zone 21).
- Ex: product realized for use in explosive environments.
- mb: level of protection for encapsulation. The device is not capable of causing ignition in normal operation and in defined failure conditions.
- IIC: group of explosive gases (Hydrogen/Acetylene, valid also for groups IIA-Propane and IIB-Ethylene).
- IIIC: group of explosive dust (conductive dust, valid also for group IIIA-combustible flyings and IIIB-non conductive dust).
- T5: maximum surface temperature 100°C (gas or vapour ignition temperature > 100°C).
- T 100°C IP67: max surface temperature and protection degree, with reference to presence of explosive dusts.
- Gb, Db: equipment protection level respectively for gas and dust, according to EN60079-0. Equipment with high level of protection, which is not source of ignition in normal operation or during expected malfunctions.
Type Selection
Housing type Output function Cable typeReference
Rectangular, miniatureNO2 m, PVC M Q A1 EX Rectangular, miniatureNC2 m, PVC M Q C1 EX Rectangular, miniatureCO2 m, PVC M Q S1 EX
Specifications are subject to change without notice (27.08.14) 1

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