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Selected parameters OUTPUT FUNCTION NO MOUNTING Flush HOUSING M12 SENSING RANGE >2 to 4 mm OUTPUT DC CONNECTION M12 WIRE 2-wire MATERIAL Metal SYSTEM Proximity Sensor Others HOUSING M12 x 55 mm MATERIAL Nichel Plated Brass SENSING RANGE 4 mm OUTPUT FUNCTION Normally Open

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Inductive Sensors Proximity Switches


Inductive Sensors and Loop Detector

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Proximity Sensors Inductive
Extended Range, Nickel Plated Brass Housing
Types IA, DC, M12, M18 and M30, 2-wire
• Sensing distance: 4 to 22 mm
• Flush and non-flush types
• Power supply: 10 to 40 VDC
• Output: Transistor
• Make or break switching
• Protection: Reverse polarity, short-circuit and transients
• 2 m cable or plug M12
• Diameter: M12, M18, M30
Product Description
Ordering Key
Proximityswitch M12, M18 and M30 in nickel-plated brass housings. Made in
accordance with Euronorm
EN 60 947-5-2.
Cap. proximity switch
Housing style Housing size Housing material Housing length Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration
Type Selection
HousingBody Connec-RatedOrdering no. Ordering no. diameter styletionoperating 2 wire DC2 wire DC
dist. (Sn) Normally openNormally closed
M12 ShortCable 4 mm 1) IA 12 DSF 04 DOIA 12 DSF 04 DC
M12 ShortPlug 4 mm 1) IA 12 ASF 04 DO M1 IA 12 ASF 04 DC M1
M12 ShortCable 8 mm 2)IA 12 DSN 08 DOIA 12 DSN 08 DC
M12 ShortPlug 8 mm 2) IA 12 ASN 08 DO M1IA 12 ASN 08 DC M1
M18 ShortCable 8 mm 1) IA 18 DSF 08 DOIA 18 DSF 08 DC
M18 ShortPlug 8 mm 1) IA 18 ASF 08 DO M1 IA 18 ASF 08 DC M1
M18 ShortCable 14 mm 2) IA 18 DSN 14 DOIA 18 DSN 14 DC
M18 ShortPlug 14 mm 2) IA 18 ASN 14 DO M1IA 18 ASN 14 DC M1
M30 ShortCable 15 mm 1)IA 30 DSF 15 DOIA 30 DSF 15 DC
M30 ShortPlug 15 mm 1)IA 30 ASF 15 DO M1 IA 30 ASF 15 DC M1
M30 ShortCable 22 mm 2)IA 30 DSN 22 DOIA 30 DSN 22 DC
M30 ShortPlug 22 mm 2)IA 30 ASN 22 DO M1IA 30 ASN 22 DC M1
1) For flush mounting in metal
2) For non-flush mounting in metal
Rated operational volt. (Ue) 12 to 36 VDC
(UB)10 to 40 VDC (ripple included)
Ripple ≤ 10%
Rated operational current (Ie)
Continuous ≤ 5-100 mA
No-load supply current (I)≤ 0.8 mA
Voltage drop (Ud)≤ 3 VDC at max. load
ProtectionReverse polarity,
short-circuit, transients
Transient voltage≤ 1 kV/0.5 J
EMCApproved according to
EN 50 080, EN 50 081
Power ON delay< 50 ms
Frequency of operatingIA12xSF1000 Hz cycles (f)IA12xSN800 Hz IA18xSF500 Hz
IA18xSN400 Hz IA30xSF400 Hz IA30xSN200 Hz
Specifications are subject to change without notice (06.06.05)1

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