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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

* Brand new produt in its original packing covered by the warranties and certifications provided by CARLO GAVAZZI

* This article is obsolete. Please ask us for a quotation and we will check if there are units available or we will offer you an alternative product.

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Dupline® Carpark
Channel Generator forCarpark
Type GP32900003700
• Supplies the Dupline® 3-wire bus (L1 or L2)
with 24 VDC power and communication
• Operates in conjunction with The Master Zone Counter
• Max load on the third wire (pow out) is 3Amp
• Connect up to 120 sensors via Dupline® L1 3-wire bus
• Sends out sync. signal for the Carpark sensors on the
L1 bus
• Powered from 24 VDC
Product Description
Ordering Key GP32900003700
The GP32900003700 is a Dupline® channel generator with 24VDC power out to supply ultrasonic sensors in the Dupline® Carpark sys- tem. The channel generator
is part of the GPMZC-SET, it has no independent func- tions and works only togeth- er withthe countermodule GP32950030700.
Type Selection
HousingMounting Supply: 24 VDC ± 20%
2 DIN DIN-rail GP32900003700
Supply Specifications
Power supply Overvoltage cat. II (IEC 60664-1,
par. Rated operational voltage 24 VDC ± 20%
Rated impulse voltage500V (1,2/50µs) (IEC 60664-1, tab. F.1)
Rated operational power6.5 W
Reverse polarity protectionYes
Connection A1 (+) and A2 (-)
Power on delayTyp. 20 s
Power off delay1 s
Voltage8.2 V Maximum Dupline®voltage10 V Minimum Dupline®voltage 4.5 V Maximum Dupline®current130 mA
Maximum current on pow < 2.8 A @ 40°C
< 2.6 A @ 50°C
Terminal D+, D- and pow out
Note: The Dupline®bus is located on the upper con- nector and also on the local bus connector on the right side of the module.
General Specifications
Installation category Cat. II
Dielectric strength
Power supply to Dupline®500 V AC for 1 min.
and Dupline® to Output 500 V impulse 1.2/50μs
(IEC60664-1, TAB. A.1)
Fail-safe conditionIf the GP32900003700 looses the communication with the GP32950030700, the Dupline®outputwill be switchedoff.In thissitua- tion all the modules con- nectedtothebuswillgo into the fail-safe output status.
Degree of protection
Front IP 50
Screw terminal IP 20
Pollution degree 2 (IEC 60664-1, par. 4.6.2) Operating temperature -20° to +50°C (-4° to 122°F) Storage temperature -50° to +85°C (-58° to 185°F) Humidity (non-condensing)20 to 80% RH
LED indication
BUS1 yellow LED Power 1 green LED Dupline® 1 yellow LED
Specifications are subject to change without notice (05.03.2014)1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoSelected parameters Others - CARLO GAVAZZI - GP32900003700 English197 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSelected parameters Others - CARLO GAVAZZI - GP32900003700
pdf1-Selected parameters Others - CARLO GAVAZZI - GP32900003700 English12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSelected parameters Others - CARLO GAVAZZI - GP32900003700
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