G34960003700 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING DIN-rail I/O TYPE Seria.. View larger
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G34960003700 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING DIN-rail I/O TYPE Seria..




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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING DIN-rail I/O TYPE Serial protocol NUMBER OF I/O 0 Others MODULE TYPE RS232/RS485 interface I/O TYPE Mitsubishi PLC protocol MAIN CHARACTERISTICS DIN-rail serial RS232/RS485 interface with Mitsubishi PLC protocol, channel generator

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Dupline® Plug & Play Master Module
Interface forMitsubishi PLC Type G 3496 0003
• Interface for Mitsubishi PLC with the function of a master
• Plug and play: Automatic communication with specific
• Built-in normal Dupline®Channel Generator
• 128 I/O’s and DC power supply on 3 wires
• RS232/RS422/RS485 port for interfacing to control system
• Split-I/O mode selectable (128 inputs and 128 outputs)
• LED-indications for supply, Dupline®carrier and Com- port TX
• Galvanically isolated Com-port supplied by internal
DC/DC converter
Product Description
Ordering KeyG 3496 0003 700
G 3496 0003 is designed as a cost-effectivesolutionfor interfacing Dupline® I/O’s to a Mitsubishi PLC. It performs three functions: Dupline®
channel generator, power supply synchronization (enables 3-wire system with supply) and RS232/RS422/ RS485 interface.
Type: Dupline® H4-Housing Combined module Interface type
DC supply
Type Selection
SupplyPLC Interface Conformance Ordering no.
20-30 VDCMitsubishi FX-serie G 3496 0003 700
Mitsubishi AnS-serie with interface module
Input/Output Specifications
Power output
Output voltage20-30 VDC (pulsating) Output current< 3.0 A @ 50ºC
Short circuit protection 4 A quick acting fuse
Output voltage drop < 1.0 V
Output voltage8.2 V (pulsating) Current < 60 mA
Short circuit protection Yes
Scan time
128 channels132.2 ms
64 channels 69.8 ms
Communication port
Input/Output Specifications (Cont.)
Pin assignment
2-wire RS 485
S/R Data line + (B)Pin 3
S/R Data line - (A) Pin 8
GND Pin 5
4-wire RS 485/RS 422
R Data line + (B)Pin 3
R Data line - (A) Pin 8
S Data line + (B)Pin 2
S Data line - (A) Pin 7
Direction Pin 4
(Connect to GND pin 5 when using 4-wire commu-
Standard RS232/RS422/RS485
RS 232
Split I/O modeYes, selectable Normal Dupline modeYes, selectable Connection 9 pole female Sub-D Dielectric voltage
Com-port Dupline® 1 kVAC (rms) ProtocolProgramming Port
Baud rate 9600
Data bits 7
Start bit 1
Stop bit 1
ProtocolDedicated Protocol
Baud rate 19200
Data bits 8
Start bit 1
Stop bit 1
TXPin 1
RXPin 9
GND Pin 5
Supply Specifications
Power supplyOvervoltage cat. III (IEC 60664) Operational voltage (Vin) 20-30 VDC
Reverse polarity protectionNone
Current consumption< 150 mA + Power load
Power dissipation < 5 W Transient protection voltage800 V Dielectric voltage
Supply - Dupline® None
Supply - com-port1 kVAC (rms)
Note: Use individual power supplies for all G349600xx700, as the input are not galvanic isolated from each other.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (04.12.2014)1

Datasheet - PDF

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