G89205517709 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Sensor / Detector HOUSING Decentral POW.. View larger
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G89205517709 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Sensor / Detector HOUSING Decentral POW..




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Selected parameters MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Sensor / Detector HOUSING Decentral POWER SUPPLY Battery I/O TYPE Smoke NUMBER OF I/O 1 Others MODULE TYPE Smoke detector HOUSING 86x51x37 I/O TYPE Smoke POWER SUPPLY 9V Alkaline battery MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Battery-powered smoke detector

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Smoke Detector
TypeG8920 5517 709
• Smoke detector using Tyndall effect
• Detection of smouldering fires and flaming fires with smoke development
• Without radioactive sources
• Detection of up to 60 m2
• Transmission of alarms and Alive signal via Dupline®
• Operating voltage supplied by Dupline®bus
• Optional use of the smoke detector as alarm device for other detectors such as gas, water and burglary via Dupline®
• Battery backup if the Dupline®connection is interrupted
• Acoustic alarm > 85 dB
• Constant monitoring of sensor sensitivity via Dupline®
Product DescriptionOrdering Key
G8920 5517 709
The G89205517709 smoke detector allows early detec- tion of smouldering fires as well as flaming fires that develop smoke. It operates on the proven light scatter principle. Inside the sensing chamber, a light source and a light sensor are arranged so thatlightnormally does
Smoke alarms and Alive signal are transmitted via the Dupline®bus.
Besides alarms, the built-in LED also shows the opera- tional status of the device. A test button allows a manual check of the alarm function, while simultaneously an alarm is given via the
Type: Dupline®
Ordering no.G8920 5517 709
Supply Specifications
notfall on the sensor. It is
Dupline® bus.Optionaluse
only when airborne particles enter the chamber that light is scattered onto the sensor (Tyndalleffect)toproduce the electrical signal. This design means that no radioactive source is required.
of the smoke detector as alarm device for other detectors such as gas, water and burglary via Dupline®.
SupplySupplied by Dupline®
Current consumption typ.2.5 mA Battery current consumption20 µA
Supply voltage9 VDC
Current consumption
when alarm is active 10 mA
Detector Optical (Tyndall effect)
Response level According to EN 12239 (95)
General Specifications
Channel programmingVia GAP 1605 and special cable GAP-TPH-CAB
Channel assignment
I/O number 1 Alarm signal.
Choose between active high or active low sensor. See manual for G3800xxxx about how to use this option.
I/O number 2 Monitoring of sensor (tam- per/presence). The signal is always active if OK, other- wise inactive.
I/O number 3 Monitoring of battery voltage.
The signal is active if the voltage is low.
General Specifications (cont.)
I/O number 4 Monitoring of sensor sensitivity.
The signal is active if the sensor becomes dirty.
I/O number 5 Forced alarm.
The smoke sensor can be used as an alarm device for e.g. water, gas and burglar alarms.
Fail-Safe mode If the Dupline® connection is interrupted, the smoke sen- sor will still work, but as a normal individual smoke detector.
Indication Red LED (short flash once every 42 sec. (alive signal): The smoke detector is OK. Short flash every 0.5 sec.: Alarm.
Red flash (42 sec.) and simultaneous beep = Low battery voltage.
Red flash (42 sec.) and asynchronous beep = Dirty
Specifications are subject to change without notice (02.05.2011) 1
Dupline®is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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