ECSSM23B1MF CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Symmetrical recycler OUTPUT SIGNAL Solid state Other.. View larger
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ECSSM23B1MF CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Symmetrical recycler OUTPUT SIGNAL Solid state Other..




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Selected parameters FUNCTION Symmetrical recycler OUTPUT SIGNAL Solid state Others INPUT RANGE 6 s - 60 s MOUNTING DIN-rail (22,5 mm)/panel SIZE 22,5 mm POWER SUPPLY RANGE 24÷230 VAC SOCKET N/A

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Symmetrical Recycler
Type ECS
• Fail-safe two-wire connection
• Low-cost
• Multi-voltage: 24-230 VAC
• 2 types:Recycler (Start OFF) Recycler (Start ON)
• Time range: 0.5 s - 10 m
• Knob-adjustable time setting
• Output: SCR 10-500 mA (screws) and SCR 10-700mA (Fast-ON)
• For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with
DIN/EN 50 022
• 22.5 mm small Euronorm housing
Product Description
Ordering Key
ECS S M23 A 10S F
Small, low cost monofunc- tion timer with adjustable time setting. 2-wire connec- tion for easy and fail-safe use (see diagram). For mounting on DIN-rail or directly on sur-
Type Selection
face by screw. The timer is used e.g. withindustrial relays or 3-phase contactors.
Housing Function Small E-line Output
Power supply
Time range
Fast-ON connection
MountingOutputTime rangeConnection Supply: 24 - 230 VAC
For DIN-rail SCR0.5 - 10 sScrews ECS S M23 A 10S (OFF)
or for screw ECS S M23 B 10S (ON) SCR0.1 - 1 m Screws ECS S M23 A 1M(OFF)
ECS S M23 B 1M(ON) SCR1 - 10 mScrews ECS S M23 A 10M(OFF)
ECS S M23 B 10M(ON)
For DIN-rail SCR0.5 - 10 sFast-ONECS S M23 A 10S F(OFF)
or for screw ECS S M23 B 10S F(ON) SCR0.1 - 1 m Fast-ONECS S M23 A 1M F (OFF)
ECS S M23 B 1M F (ON) SCR1 - 10 mFast-ONECS S M23 A 10M F (OFF)
ECS S M23 B 10M F (ON)
Time SpecificationsOutput Specifications
Time ranges
10 S0.5 - 10 s
1 M0.1 - 1 m
10 M1- 10 m
Time range accuracyMax. setting: actual time
≥ max. set time
min. setting: actual time
≤ min. set time
Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.2%
Time variation
Within rated power supply ≤ 0.1%/V
and ambient temperature ≤ 0.2%/°C
Output current
Maximum load current
(screw terminals)500 mA (Fast-ON connection) 700 m
Maximum current for 100 ms
(screw terminals)5.5 A (Fast-ON connection) 7 A
Minimum load current10 m
Leakage current≤ 3.5 mA @ 230 V
typ.: 2 m
Voltage drop≤ 8 VAC
Ratio T /T
typ.: 5 VAC @ 50 mA
1 ≤OFF
≤ 1.1
Supply Specifications
Time and output Power supply interruption
≥ 200 ms
Power supplyOvervoltage cat. III (IEC 60664) Rated operational voltage(IEC 60038)
24-230 VAC, -10/+15% Rated insulation voltage None
Specifications are subject to change without notice (24.07.06)1

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