WM1496AV63CX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Power Analyzers MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 115VAC .. View larger
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WM1496AV63CX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Power Analyzers MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 115VAC ..



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Selected parameters FUNCTION Power Analyzers MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 115VAC OUTPUT DIGITAL INPUT None INPUT TYPE 3-phase AC CONNECTION CT/VT COMMUNICATION None Others RANGE 78V to 250VLL 1/5(6)AAC DISPLAY 3x3 DGT VARIABLES kWh, kvarh, W, Wdmd, var, VA, VAdmd, PF, V, A, An, Admd, Hz, Amax, Admd max, Wdmd max DIGITAL INPUTS none PULSE none ALARMS Virtual ANALOGUE none

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Energy Meters Control Analizers


Energy Management, Software and Accessories

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Energy Management
Power Analyzer
Type WM14-96 “Basic Version”
• Class 1 (active energy)
• Class 2 (reactive energy)
• Accuracy ±0.5 F.S. (current/voltage)
• Power analyzer
• Display of instantaneous variables: 3x3 digit
• Display of energies: 8+1 digit
• System variables and phase measurements: W, Wdmd, var, VA, VAdmd, PF, V, A, An, Admd, Hz
• Amax, Admd max, Wdmdmaxindication
• Energy measurements: kWh and kvarh
• Hour counter (5+2 DGT)
• TRMS meas. of distorted sine waves (voltages/currents)
• Power supply: 24V, 48V, 115V, 230V, 50-60Hz 18 to 60VDC
• Optional dual pulse output
• Alarms (visual only) VLN, An
• Optional galvanically insulated measuring inputs
Product Description
• Protection degree (front): IP65
• Front dimensions: 96x96mm
• Optional RS422/485 serial port
How to order WM14-96 AV5 3 D PGX
3-phase power analyzer with built-in programming key- pad. Particularly recom- mended for displaying the main electrical variables. Housing for panel mounting,
(front) protection degree IP65, and optional RS485 serial port or dual pulse out- put. Parameters pro- grammable by means of CptBSoft.
Model Range code System
Power supply
How to order
Type Selection
CptBSoft (compatible only with S or SG options): software to program the working parameters of the power analyzer and to read the energy and the instantaneous variables.
Range codes
AV5: 380/660VL-L/5(6)AAC VL-N: 185 V to 460 V VL-L: 320 V to 800 V
AV6: 120/208VL-L/5(6)AAC VL-N: 45 V to 145 V
VL-L: 78 V to 250 V Phase current: 0.03A to 6A Neutral current: 0.09 to 6A
Rated inputs
3 :1-2-3-phase, balanced/unbalanced load,with or without neutral
Power supply
A: 24VAC
-15+10%, 50-60Hz
B: 48VAC
-15+10%, 50-60Hz
C: 115VAC
-15+10%, 50-60Hz
D: 230VAC
-15+10%, 50-60Hz
3:18 to 60VDC (not available in case of SG or PG options)
X: None
S: RS485 port
SG:RS485+galvanic insu- lated measurig inputs
PG:Dual pulse output+ galvanically insulated measuring inputs.
0.03Ato0.25A:±(2%FS +5DGT)
Current “X-S options” 3 (non insulated each other)
Current “SG-PG options”3 (insulated each other) Voltage4
Accuracy (display, RS485) with CT=1 and VT=1 AV5: (@25°C ±5°C, R.H. ≤60%)1150W-VA-var, FS:230VLN,
400VLL AV6: 285W-VA-var, FS:57VLN, 100VLL
Current 0.25 to 6A: ±(0.5% FS +1DGT)
0.03Ato0.25A:±(0.5%FS+7DGT) Neutral current0.25 to 6A: ±(1.5% FS +1DGT)
0.09Ato0.25A:±(0.5%FS+7DGT) Phase-phase voltage ±(1.5% FS +1 DGT)
Phase-neutral voltage ±(0.5% FS + 1 DGT)
Active and Apparent power,0.25 to 6A: ±(1% FS +1DGT)
0.03A to 0.25A: ±(1% FS
Reactive power 0.25 to 6A: ±(2% FS +1DGT)
Active energy “X-S option” Class 2 (start up “I”: 30mA) Reactive energy “X-S option”Class 3 (start up “I”: 30mA) Active energy “SG-PG opt.” Class 1 (start up “I”: 30mA) Reactive energy “SG-PG opt.” Class 2 (start up “I”: 30mA) Frequency±0.1Hz (48 to 62Hz)
Additional errors
Humidity≤0.3% FS, 60% to 90% RH
Temperature drift≤ 200ppm/°C
Sampling rate1400 samples/s @ 50Hz
1700 samples/s @ 60Hz
Display refresh time700ms
TypeLED, 14mm
Read-out for instant. var.3x3 DGT
Read-out for energies 3+3+3 DGT (Max indication:
999 999 99.9)
Specifications are subject to change without noticeWM14 96 DS ENG2005081

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