EM2172RVV23XOXX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy Meters MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWER .. View larger
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EM2172RVV23XOXX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy Meters MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWER ..




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Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy Meters MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWER SUPPLY Self power supply OUTPUT DIGITAL INPUT DC/AC output (Opto Mosfet) INPUT TYPE 3-phase AC CONNECTION CT/VT COMMUNICATION None Others RANGE 400VLL AC Current Sensor 90A DISPLAY 6+1 DGT VARIABLES W, var, PF, Hz, Phase-sequence DIGITAL INPUTS none PULSE 1 ALARMS none ANALOGUE none

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Energy Management
Energy Meter
Type EM21 72R „Retro-Fit‰
• Including 3 miniature split-core current sensors
• 10mm (90A), 16mm (150A) and 24mm (250A) diameter holes
• Class A (kWh) according to EN50470-3
• Class 2 (kWh) according to EN62053-21
• Accuracy ±0.5% RDG (voltage), ±1% RDG (current)
• Energy meter
• Instantaneous variables readout: 3 DGT
• Energies readout: 6+1 DGT
• System variables: W, var, PF, Hz, Phase-sequence.
• Single phase variables: VLL, VLN, A, PF
• Energy measurements: total kWh and kvarh
• TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves
• Self power supply
• Dimensions: 4-DIN modules and 72x72mm
• Protection degree (front): IP50
• Application adaptable display and programming
procedure (Easyprog function)
• Easy connections management
• Detachable display
• Multi-use housing: for both DIN-rail and panel mounting applications
Product Description
How to orderEM21 72R VV5 3 X O X X
Three-phase energy meter with removable front LCD display unit. The same unit canbeusedeitherasa DIN-rail mounting or a pan- el mounting energy meter. This general purpose three- phase energy meter is suit- able for both active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation but also for main electrical parame- ter measurement and retransmission (transducer function). Housing for DIN- rail mountingwithIP50
(front) protection degree. Current measurements car- ried out by means of exter- nal miniature split-core cur- rent sensors (included) and voltage measurements car- ried out either by means of direct connection or by means of potential trans- formers. EM21-72R is pro- vided,as standard,witha pulsating outputfor active energy retransmission. In addition a 2-wire RS485 communication port is available as an option.
Model Range code System
Power supply
Output 1
Output 2
Type Selection
Range codes
VV2 (*): 400VLL AC, 90A (by current sensor)
VV3 (**): 400VLL AC, 150A (by current sensor)
VV5 (**): 400VLL AC, 250A (by current sensor)
3 (*):balanced and unbalanced load:
3-phase, 4-wire
3-phase, 3-wire
2-phase, 3-wire
1-phase, 2-wire
Power supply
X (*): Self power supply from 18V to 260VAC VLN, 45 to 65 Hz (connection VL1-N)
Output 1
O (*):Single static output
Output 2
X (*): None
S (**): RS485 port
X (*): None
(*) as standard.
(**) on request.
Specifications are subject to change without notice EM2172R DS ENG 2205121

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