SC4ED14900D6 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION EDM TYPE Type 4 PROTECTED HEIGHT 600 mm to 900 mm .. View larger
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SC4ED14900D6 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION EDM TYPE Type 4 PROTECTED HEIGHT 600 mm to 900 mm ..




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Selected parameters FUNCTION EDM TYPE Type 4 PROTECTED HEIGHT >600 mm to 900 mm Others PROTECTED HEIGHT 900 mm

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Light Curtains and Safety Light Curtains

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Safety Light Curtain
Type SC4
Finger Series
•Integrated light curtain for finger
protection (14 mm resolution)
• Up to 6m operating distance
• Controlled heights ranging from 150 to 1200 mm
• Compact profile 32x 37mm
• Selectable EDM and Manual ! Automatic Restart
• Ideal for Industrial Applications, such as:
- Automatic machines
- Packaging and Cutting machines
- Textile
- Wood-working and Ceramic machines
- Automatic Assembling lines
- Milling, lathe and shearing machines.
- Bending and metal working machines
Ordering Key
SC 4 ED 14300 D6
Product Description
Safety Light Curtains
(ED: External Device Monitoring)
Resolution Protected height Operating distance
The SC4 range of 14mm finger resolution simplifies installation, connection and use.
Installation simplification, via
new rotating fixing brackets to ease alignment.
Model Selection
Connection simplification, using standard connectors, making no connection between emitter and receiver necessary.
Use simplification,featuring
alignmentguidedby a 7
segment doubledisplayon both the emitter and the receiver. Its new sturdy and morefunctionalcompact body (32x37mm profile) together withtheselectable EDM andManual/Automatic
Restart function, its improved response time,andthefull compatibility with the former SB rangemakethe new SC4 range one ofthe best performing safety light curtains for industrial applications.
Model Description
SC4-ED-14-150-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=150mm SC4-ED-14-300-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=300mm SC4-ED-14-450-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=450mm SC4-ED-14-600-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=600mm SC4-ED-14-750-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=750mm SC4-ED-14-900-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=900mm SC4-ED-14-1050-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=1050mm SC4-ED-14-1200-D6Type 4 safety light curtain h=1200mm
General Data
Power Supply24VDC ± 20% Consuption (emitter)2.5W max Consuption (receiver) 4 max (without load) OSSD output 2 PNP
Short-circuit protection1.4 A max
Output current 0.5A max on each output
Output voltage - ON statusVdd - 1V min Output voltage - OFF status0.2 V Leakage current< 1mA
Capacitive load 2.2uF @ 24VDC max
Response timeRefer to table in page 4
Controlled height150... 1200 mm
Safety category Type 4
Auxiliary functionsReset / Test
Selectable Man./Auto Restart
Selectable EDM Electrical protection Class I / Class II ConnectionM12 4-pole for emitter
M12 8-pole for receiver
Cable lenght50m max
1 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Pictures are just an example. For special features and/or customization, please ask to our sales network. 22/05/2014

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