LDM35HLSEL1XXXX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Digital indicators MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 1.. View larger
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LDM35HLSEL1XXXX CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Digital indicators MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 1..




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Selected parameters FUNCTION Digital indicators MOUNTING Panel POWER SUPPLY 18 to 60V AC/DC DISPLAY 3 1/2 DGT MEASUREMENT AC, DC HOUSING Non modular Others VARIABLES V, A OUTPUTS Alarms RANGE 0.2-2-20mA DC/AC 0.2-2-20V DC/AC

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Human Machine Interface Computer Man Hmi


Digital Panel Meters and temperature

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Digital Panel Meters
DC/ACCurrent and VoltageIndicator/Controller
Type LDM35H
• Multi-input instrument 3 1/2 dgt LED
• 0.1% RDGbasic accuracy
• TRMSAC current and voltage measurements
• AC/DC current measurements: selectable full scales
(200µA to 5A)
• AC/DC voltage measurements: selectable full scales
(200mV to 500V)
• Up to 2 independent alarm set-points (optional)
• Universal power supply: 18-60VAC/DC and
• Front protection degree: IP65
Product Description
How to order LDM35H LSE H 0 XX XX
µP-baseddigitalpanel meter, 3 1/2 dgt LED indica- tor and controller, for cur- rent, voltage measurements. Measuring ranges andfunc- tions easily programmable from the key-pad. LDM35H
includes storage min-max functionsanddoublelevel protection password. Housingfor panel mounting with front protection degree: IP65.
Measuring inputs Power supply Alarms Retransmission Options
Type Selection
Measuring inputs
LSE: signal inputs + AUX:
0.2-2-20mA DC/AC
0.2-2-20V DC/AC
HSX:signal inputs:
0.2-2-5A DC/AC
20-200-500V DC/AC
Power supply
H: 90 to 260V AC/DC
L: 18 to 60V AC/DC
1:single relay output, (AC1-5AAC, 250VAC)
2:Dual relay output, (AC1-5AAC, 250VAC)
XX: None
XX: None
TX: Tropicalization
Analogue inputsChannels and variables LSE type 1, mA and V DC/AC + AUX HSX type 1, A and V DC/AC
AccuracySee table “Measurement accuracy”, temperature drifts, minimum and maximum indications”
Additional errors
Humidity 0.3% RDG, 60% to 90% R.H. Input frequency 0.4% RDG, 62 to 440 Hz Magnetic field 0.5% RDG @ 400 A/m
Temperature driftSee table “Measurement accuracy, temperature drifts, min and max indications”
Sampling rate500 samples/s @ 50Hz Display refresh time200 msec @ 50Hz Display3 1/2 DGT,
7 segments
height 14.2 mm
Colour: red
Max and min indicationSee table “Measurement accuracy, temperature drifts min and max indications”
Specifications are subject to change without noticeLDM35HDS 0405 1

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