RP1B23D5 CARLO GAVAZZI Parameters selected Mounting System PCB CATEGORY INTENSITY current 10 ACA or less Ra.. View larger
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RP1B23D5 CARLO GAVAZZI Parameters selected Mounting System PCB CATEGORY INTENSITY current 10 ACA or less Ra..





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Parameters selected Mounting System PCB CATEGORY INTENSITY current 10 ACA or less Rated voltage 230 VAC MODE SWITCHING OUTPUT Connection instant NUMBER PHASE 1 CONTROL CC - DIGITAL POWER CONNECTION Screw MODEL Solid State Relay Other DATA INTENSITY 3 ACA ENTRY CONTROL 5-32 VDC PRODUCT WIDTH 10.5mm

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Solid State Relays Ssr


Industrials Relays, Solid State Relays and sockets

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Solid State Relays PCB, 1-Phase ZS/IO Types RP1A, RP1B
• AC Solid State Relay for PCB mounting
• Zero switching or instant-on
• Rated operational current: 3, 5 or 5.5 AACrms
• Rated operational voltage: Up to 480 VACrms
• Surface mount technology
• Flexible encapsulation for extended life
• Control voltage: 3 to 32 VDC* / 16 to 32 VAC**
• Opto-isolation: > 4000 VACrms
• Blocking voltage: Up to 1000 Vp
• Non-repetitive surge current: Up to 250 Ap
Product Description Ordering Key
RP 1 A 23D 3
The RP1 is an SSR series for socket- or PCB-mounting, providing an ideal interface betweenlogiccontrols and AC loads.The RP1 is designed for resistive and inductiveloads up to
480VACrms. Two regulated controlvoltageranges cover most standard input require- ments in an economic pack- age. These features allow a directsubstitutionof existing PCB mounted relays with RP1. Internally this new series enjoys an improved technical design with the introduction of stress-free flexible encapsula- tion and automated assembly
Type Selection
of components. Opto-isola- tion and load switching are performed by individual com- ponents, providing higher reli- abilitythanmonolithic designs. AdditionallyRP1..6 is a special version with high current surge capability that reduces fusing requirements. This relay can also drive high- er AC53a loadsupto5A. The Solid State technology used can withstand peak volt- ages of 1000V, making the RP1 series suitabletodrive AC loadssuchasvalve solenoids and small induction motors.
Solid State Relay (PCB) Number of poles Switching mode
Rated operational voltage
Control voltage
Rated operational current
Switching mode Rated operational voltageRated operational current Control voltage
A: Zero switching 23: 230 VACrms3: 3 AACrmsD: 3 to 32 VDC*
B: Instant-On switching 40: 400 VACrms5: 5 AACrmsA: 16 to 32 VAC**
48: 480 VACrms6: 5.5 AACrms * 4 to 32 VDC for RP1A48..
4 to 32 VDC for RP1B40.. and RP1B48..
** Only available for 230V, 5.5 A
Selection Guide
Rated operational Non-rep. voltageControl voltage Rated operational current
voltage3 AACrms 5 AACrms5.5 AACrms
230 VACrms 650 Vp 3 to 32 VDCRP1A23D3RP1A23D5 RP1A23D6
16 to 32 VAC- -RP1A23A6
400 VACrms 850 Vp 3 to 32 VDCRP1A40D3RP1A40D5 RP1A40D6
4 to 32 VDCRP1B40D3RP1B40D5 RP1B40D6
480 VACrms 1000 Vp 4 to 32 VDCRP1A48D3RP1A48D5 RP1A48D6
RP1B48D3RP1B48D5 RP1B48D6
Selection Guide(mounted on DIN EN adaptor)
Rated operational Non-rep. voltageControl voltage Rated operational current
voltage3 AACrms5 AACrms5.5 AACrms
230 VACrms 650 Vp 5 to 34 VDCRP1A23D3M1RP1A23D5M1RP1A23D6M1* RP1B23D3M1RP1B23D5M1RP1B23D6M1
16 to 32 VAC--RP1A23A6M1
* For operational voltages ³ 230 VACrms add suffix M2 to part no.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (28.02.2007)1

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pdf1-CARLO GAVAZZI - RP1B23D5 English 12 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - RP1B23D5

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