RA2A40D40M CARLO GAVAZZI Some selected criteria system industrial housing rated current 26 50 AAC Rated vol.. View larger
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RA2A40D40M CARLO GAVAZZI Some selected criteria system industrial housing rated current 26 50 AAC Rated vol..




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Some selected criteria system industrial housing rated current 26 - 50 AAC Rated voltage 400 VAC Switching output mode Zero switching Number of Poles 2 Control DC - DIGITAL electrity tabs Model SSR ITEM CODE RA2A40D40M Other Current 40 AAC control input 4.5 - 32 VDC Product width 45 mm

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Solid State Relays Ssr


Industrials Relays, Solid State Relays and sockets

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Solid State Relays Industrial, 2-PoleZS Type RA2A
· 2-Pole AC Solid State Relay
· Zero switching
· For resistive and inductive AC loads
· Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology
· LED indication
· Rated operational current: 2 x 25 and 2 x 40AACrms
· Rated operational voltage: 230 - 600VACrms
· Input range: 4.5 - 32VDC
· Blocking voltage: Up to 1200Vp
· Opto-isolation: 4000VACrms
Product Description
Ordering Key
RA 2 A 48 D 25 M
This 2-pole industrial relay minimises thespacerequire- ments in a control cabinet without compromising perfor- mance. By applying an input voltage on control A, the corre- sponding output semicondcu- tor is activated at the first zero crossing of the line
Type Selection
voltage.The same applies to control B.LEDs indicate the controlstatusofeachpole. The optimised design is free of moulding mass to reduce inter- nal mechanical stress.
The RA2A..M types have been specially customised for demanding inductive loads.
Solid State Relay Number of poles Zero switching
Rated operational voltage
Control voltage
Rated operational current
Load type
Switching mode Rated operationalRated operational ControlBlocking Load voltagecurrent voltagevoltage type
A: Zero switching23: 230VACrms 25: 2 x 25AACrmsD: 4.5 - 32VDC 23: 650Vp M: Inductive
40:400VACrms 40: 2 x 40AACrms 40: 850Vp
48:480VACrms48: 1200Vp
60:600VACrms60: 1200Vp
Selection Guide
Rated operational Blocking voltageControl voltageRated operational current
voltage2 x 25AACrms 2 x 40AACrms
230VACrms 650Vp 4.5 - 32VDCRA2A23D25 RA2A23D40
400VACrms 850Vp 4.5 - 32VDCRA2A40D25 RA2A40D40
480VACrms 1200Vp4.5 - 32VDCRA2A48D25 RA2A48D40
600VACrms 1200Vp4.5 - 32VDCRA2A60D25 RA2A60D40
Control voltage range4.5 - 32VDC Pick-up voltage4.25VDC Drop-out voltage2VDC
Inputcurrent per pole
@ max. input voltage £10mA
Response time pick-up£10ms
@ 50 Hz
Response time drop-out£10ms
@ 50 Hz
WeightApprox. 85g Housing materialNoryl GFN 1, black Base plate
25, 40AAluminium, nickel-plated
40A (M type)Copper, nickel-plated
FASTONTerminal size6.3mm
Specifications are subject to change without notice (28.02.2007) 1

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