PMT20RI CARLO GAVAZZI Barrera rectangular box selected parameters SCOPE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Terminals SPDT.. View larger
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PMT20RI CARLO GAVAZZI Barrera rectangular box selected parameters SCOPE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Terminals SPDT..





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Barrera rectangular box selected parameters SCOPE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Terminals SPDT RELAY OUTPUT MATERIAL Plastic Other SCOPE 20 m BOX 68 x 71 x 25 mm MATERIAL SYSTEM PC + ABS

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors


Photoelectric Sensors

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Photoelectrics Through-beam Type PMT
• Range: 20 m
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Modulated, infrared light
• Make or break switching function (switch selectable)
• LED-indication for power supply ON (emitter)
and targetdetected (receiver)
• Multi supply voltage:
12 to 240 VDC and
24 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• 25 x 65 x 81 mm reinforced PC housing, IP 67
• Timer options (adjustable)
Product Description Ordering Key
Through-beam photoelectric switch.Range upto20m. Adjustable sensitivity. Immune to ambient light. Precise de- tection through narrow beam. LED-indication. Output func- tionswitchselectable. Relay output (NO/NC).Protection
degree IP 67. Screw terminal connection. 25 x 65 x 81 mm plastichousing.PG 13.5or
1/2"NPT cable gland. Timer options: Delay on operate, delay on release, one shot (triggered on leading or trail- ing edge).
Type Receiver Cable gland
Option: Timer function
Type Selection
HousingOrdering no. Ordering no. Ordering no. W x H x DReceiver without timerReceiver with timer Emitter
25 x 65 x 81
PG 13.5 cable glandPMT 20R G PMT 20R GT PMT 20 G
1/2" NPT cable glandPMT 20R I PMT 20R IT PMT 20 I
Specifications Emitter Specifications Receiver
Rated operational volt. (UB)10.8 to 264 VDC AC: 45 to 65 Hz21.6 to 264 VAC
Rated operational power ≤ 2 W (2.5 VA)
Light sourceGaAIAs LED, 880 nm Light type Infrared, modulated Optical angle ± 2°
Power supply ON LED, green
Rated operational volt. (UB) 10.8 to 264 VDC AC: 45 to 65 Hz 21.6 to 264 VAC
Rated operational power
(Relay ON) ≤ 2 W (2.5 VA)
Contact ratings (AgCdO) µ (micro gap) Resistive loadsAC 1 3 A/250 VAC
DC 1 3 A/30 VDC Small inductive loadsAC 15 2 A/250 VAC
DC 13 3 A/30 VDC Mechanical life ≥ 40 x 106 operations Electrical life≥ 5 x 105 operations
at 220 VAC - 3 A resistive load: 360 impulses/h
Dielectric voltage 2 kVAC (rms) (cont./supply) SensitivityAdjustable, single turn pot. Optical angle± 2°
Rated operating dist. (Sn)
(0 to 5,000 lux) 20 m
Operating frequency (f)20 Hz
Response timeOFF-ON (tON) ≤ 20 ms
ON-OFF (tOFF) ≤ 20 ms
Specifications are subject to change without notice (02.03.2006)1

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