PD60CNX20BPM5T CARLO GAVAZZI Fiber optics parameters selected rectangular SYSTEM BOX RANGE 200 ... 400 mm Co.. View larger
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PD60CNX20BPM5T CARLO GAVAZZI Fiber optics parameters selected rectangular SYSTEM BOX RANGE 200 ... 400 mm Co..





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Fiber optics parameters selected rectangular SYSTEM BOX RANGE 200 ... 400 mm Connection M8 connector DC OUTPUT NPN / PNP CC Plastic Other MATERIAL SCOPE BOX 200 mm 60 x 13 x 30 mm PC ADDITIONAL MATERIAL Plastic fiber

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Inductive Sensors and Loop Detector

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Photoelectrics, Fibre Optic Sensor
Plastic Fibres
Type PD 60 CNX 20 BP .. T
• Range: Fibre dependent
- Diffuse Reflective typ. 80 mm
- Through Beam typ. 200 mm
• Teach-In (keyboard or remote setup)
• Microprocessor controlled and EEPROM parameter storage
• Operational voltage 10 - 30 V DC
• Output 100 mA, NPN and PNP
• Light or dark switching selectable
• IP65 proctection
• Timer: ON-delay or OFF-delay
Product Description
Ordering Key
PD 60 CNX 20 BP M5 T
The PD60CNX20BP.. Tisa fibre optic amplifier made spe- cific for plastic fibres. The sen- sor is microprocessorbased and has a buildin pro- grammable functions such as Teach-In function for fast sensing distance optimising, NO or NC output, Time delay Onor OFF. The sensor output is build as a Push-pull output that performs both a NPN and PNP output which are fully protected against short-cir-
cuit, transients and wrong polarity. The sensor is build in a strong13 x 30 x 60 mm polycarbonatehousingfor DIN-rail mounting.
The sensors are suitablefor applicationsthat require little space and high accuracy such as: Small part detection, tightlocations,checking parts, counting, precise part positioning,material handling and assembly and robotics
Housing style Housing size Housing material Not Used
Plastic fibres
Sensing distance cm
Output type
Output configuration Connection type Teach-In mode
Type Selection
HousingRangeOrdering no. Ordering no.
W x H x DSn (Fibre dependent)NPN and PNP cable NPN and PNP plug
Make or break switchingMake or break switching
13 x 30 x 60 mm80 mm diffuse modePD 60 CNX 20 BP TPD 60 CNX 20 BP M5 T
200 mm through beam mode
Rated operating distance (Sn)See optical fibre table
Diffuse mode Up to 80 mm
Through beam modeUp to 200 mm
Teach-InAutomatic threshold set-up
Manual fine tune Sensitivity increase or sen- sitivity decrease
Temperature drift< 0,4%/C°
Hysteresis (H)
Differential travel ≤ 5%
Rated operational volt. (UB ) 10 to 30 VDC (ripple included)
Ripple (Urpp ) ≤ 10%
Output current
Continuous (Ie) 100 mA Short-time (I) 100 mA
No load supply current (Io)≤ 40 mA
Voltage drop (Ud )
IL = 100 mA ≤ 2 VDC IL = 10 mA ≤ 1 VDC
Remote input
ON≤ 1.4 VDC OFF≥ 3.0 VDC
Range programmable 0 to 5 s in 11 steps
First step 40 ms
Following step500 ms
ProtectionShort-circuit, reverse pola- rity, transients
Light sourceGaAIAs, LED 660 nm Light type Red modulated Ambient light
Incandescent light10’000 Lux
Sunlight20’000 Lux
Specifications are subject to change without notice (15.06.2010) 1

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pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5TEnglish94 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5T
pdf1-CARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5TEnglish12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5T
pdf2-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5TEnglish402 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - PD60CNX20BPM5T

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