PC50CNP06BAMH CARLO GAVAZZI Reflection on selected parameters SYSTEM mirror, polarized rectangular box SCOPE.. View larger
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PC50CNP06BAMH CARLO GAVAZZI Reflection on selected parameters SYSTEM mirror, polarized rectangular box SCOPE..





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Reflection on selected parameters SYSTEM mirror, polarized rectangular box SCOPE 6 ... 20 m Cable CONNECTION OUTPUT NPN / PNP CC MATERIAL Plastic Other REACH 6M BOX 50 x 50 x 17 mm PC + ABS ADDITIONAL MATERIAL Entry Test

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Retro-reflective, Polarized, Transistor Output
Type PC50CNP06BAM.
• Range: 6 m
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Modulated, visible red light, polarized
• Supply voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
• Output: 200 mA, NPN or PNP
• Make and break switching function selectable
• LED for output indication, signal stability and power ON
• Protection: reverse polarity, short-circuit, transients
• Cable and plug versions
• High degree of EMC
• Mute input
Product Description
Ordering Key
The PC50CNP. is a family of general purpose polarized retro-reflective sensors in a compact square 17 x 50 x 50 mm reinforced PC/ABS-hous- ing. They are useful in applica- tions where basic sensors provideadequatesensing
performance. The long sens- ing range together with sensi- tivity adjustment gives a very flexible sensor. The DC types arewithatransistoroutput and the configurationis fully programmable(NPN, PNP, NO and NC).
Housing style Housing size Housing material Housing length Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration Connection type Mute input
Mute active level
Type Selection
HousingRange MuteOrdering no.Ordering no.
W x H x DSn NPN & PNP cable NPN & PNP plug
Make & break switchingMake & break switching
17 x 50 x 50 mm6 mHighPC 50 CNP 06 BAMH PC 50 CNP 06 BAM1MH
17 x 50 x 50 mm6 mLow PC 50 CNP 06 BAMLPC 50 CNP 06 BAM1ML
Note: Reflector to be ordered separately
Rated operating distance (Sn) Up to 6 m,
with reflector type ER 4, ref. target
Blind zone Max. 20 cm
Sensitivity Adjustable by single-turn potentiometer
Hysteresis (H)
Differential travel3 - 20%
Temperature drift ≤ 0.5%/°C
Rated operational volt. (UB) 10 to 30 VDC (ripple included)
Ripple (Urpp ) ≤ 10%
Output current
Continuous (Ie) ≤ 200 mA Short-time (I)≤ 200 mA,
(max. load capacity 100 nF)
No load supply current (Io)≤ 40 mA
Minimum operational current (Im)0.5 mA
OFF-state current (Ir ) Max. 100 µA
Voltage drop (Ud)≤ 2.5 VDC @ 200 mA
Test input
Impedance 10kΩ
Active high > 8.5 VDC Active low< 3 VDC
Test input response time
ON-OFF (t1) ≤ 200 ms
ON-OFF (t2) ≤ 200 ms
Protection Short-circuit, reverse pola- rity, transients
Light source GaAlAs, LED, 660 nm Light typevisible red, modulated Sensing angle ± 2° at 1/2 range Ambient lightMax. 5’000 lux
Operating frequency500 Hz
Response time
OFF-ON (tON)≤ 1 ms
ON-OFF (tOFF)≤ 1 ms
Power ON delay (tv)≤ 300 ms
Output function
NPN and PNPSwitch selectable
Complementary function Make and break (NO + NC)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (05.05.2006)1

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