MPFR-4C MPFR4C CARLO GAVAZZI Barrera selected parameters BOX SYSTEM Ø10 Ø20 SCOPE 6 ... 20 m pigtail externa.. View larger
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MPFR-4C MPFR4C CARLO GAVAZZI Barrera selected parameters BOX SYSTEM Ø10 Ø20 SCOPE 6 ... 20 m pigtail externa..





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Barrera selected parameters BOX SYSTEM Ø10 - Ø20 SCOPE 6 ... 20 m pigtail external amplifier OUTPUT MATERIAL Plastic Other SCOPE 15 m BOX Ø12 x 20 mm MATERIAL PC

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors


Photoelectric Sensors

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Through-beam System, Relay Output
• Industrial doors and gates
• Range: 15 m
• Modulated infrared light
• Option with individually adjustable channel sensitivity
• Amplifier with “Snap-ON” photoelectric switches
• Supply voltage: 12-24 VAC/DC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC
• Output: SPST relay
• LED indications for light ON and supply ON
• Ø12 mm “Snap-ON”, Ø18 or M14 photoelectric housing
• 1, 2 or 3 multiplexed channels
• With make or break test input
• CE, UL325 and UL508 approved
Product Description Ordering Key
The MPFRS.. isa familyof inexpensive general purpose photoelectric sensors in 3 dif- ferent types of housings with separate amplifier. They are designed to meet the require- ments for industrial doors and gates. The “Snap-ON” photo switch can be mounted in material with a thickness from
test input designed to disable the emitters and therefore evaluate the sensor function. Multiplexed channels prevent cross-talkbetween each set of photosensors.The ampli- fiers are available with the fol- lowingvoltages:12-24
VAC/DC, 115VAC and230
VAC. The output is made as
AmplifierMPF 3 230 RS AI
Number of channels Voltage supply Output relay
Adjustable sensitivity
Inverted test input (break)
0.6 mm and up to 2.25 mm. The sensor set is easy to use and no adjustments are nec- essary.Theamplifierhasa
positive security e.g. power lost, short-circuit or broken sensor cable makes the relay go to off state.
Type Emitter Range
Housing diameter
Optical angle
MPF T 15 M14 4C
Type Selection, Amplifier
Connectors on cable
HousingOrdering no. Ordering no.Ordering no.
W x H x DSupply: 12-24 VAC/DC Supply: 115 VAC Supply: 230 VAC
70 x 57 x 86 mmMPF1-912 RS MPF1-115 RSMPF1-230 RS MPF2-912 RS MPF2-115 RS MPF2-230 RS MPF3-912 RS MPF3-115 RSMPF3-230 RS
MPF1-912 RSI *) MPF1-115 RSI *) MPF1-230 RSI *) MPF2-912 RSI *) MPF2-115 RSI *) MPF2-230 RSI *) MPF3-912 RSI *) MPF3-115 RSI *) MPF3-230 RSI *)
MPF1-912 RSA *) MPF1-115 RSA *)MPF1-230 RSA *) MPF2-912 RSA *) MPF2-115 RSA *)MPF2-230 RSA *) MPF3-912 RSA *) MPF3-115 RSA *)MPF3-230 RSA *)
MPF1-912 RSAI *)MPF1-115 RSAI *) MPF1-230 RSAI *) MPF2-912 RSAI *)MPF2-115 RSAI *) MPF2-230 RSAI *) MPF3-912 RSAI *)MPF3-115 RSAI *) MPF3-230 RSAI *)
*) Products available on request
Type Selection, Photoelectric Switch
HousingRated Optical Ordering no.Ordering no.Ordering no. diameteroperational angleEmitter Receiver Fitting
distance (Sn)
Ø12 mm 15 m 4°MPFT 15-4 MPFR-4
M1415 m 4°MPFT 15-M14-4 MPFR-M14-4
D1115 m 4°MPF 15-D11-4MPFR-D11-4
D1815 m 4°MPFT 15-D18-4MPFR-D18-4
Ø12 mm 15 m 4°MPFT 15-4C MPFR-4C
M1415 m 4°MPFT 15-M14-4CMPFR-M14-4C D1115 m 4°MPF 15-D11-4C MPFR-D11-4C D1815 m 4°MPFT 15-D18-4C MPFR-D18-4C
Fitting for Ø12 AMPF-MB1
Specifications are subject to change without notice (12.02.2010) 1

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pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4CEnglish235 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4C
pdf1-CARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4CEnglish12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4C
pdf2-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4CEnglish402 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - MPFR-4C - MPFR4C

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