EC5525NPAP-1 EC5525NPAP1 CARLO GAVAZZI selected parameters M12 CONNECTION BOX Rectangular Plastic CC MATERIA.. View larger
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EC5525NPAP-1 EC5525NPAP1 CARLO GAVAZZI selected parameters M12 CONNECTION BOX Rectangular Plastic CC MATERIA..




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selected parameters M12 CONNECTION BOX Rectangular Plastic CC MATERIAL SCOPE> 20 to 30 mm SYSTEM OUTPUT DC NPN Sensor Other BOX 35 x 55 x 15 mm 25 mm MATERIAL SCOPE Polycarbonate

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Capacitive Proximity Sensors


Capacitive Sensors

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Proximity Sensors Capacitive
Flat Pack Polycarbonate Housing
Type EC 5525, DC
• Featuring TRIPLESHIELD™ sensor protection
• Adjustable sensing distance 4-25 mm
• Rated operational voltage: 10-40 VDC
• Output: DC 200 mA, NPN or PNP
• Make and break switching function, LED indication
• Capacitive, Inductive and Photoelectric flat pack series in PC housing, IP 67
• High noise immunity
• Universal flush and non-flush mountable
• Plug and cable versions
Product Description
Ordering Key
EC 55 25 NPA P-1
Capacitive proximity switches with sensing distance 16 mm flush mounted and sensing distance 25 mm non-flush mounted by adjustment. 4- wireDCoutput with both make(NO) andbreak(NC)
switching.Flat pack housing, size (WxHxD) 35 x 55 x 15 mm made in polycarbonate. Easy mounting with only two M4 screws. Ideal for use in materi- al handling and plastic ma- chinery applications.
Capacitive proximity switch
Rated operational distance
Output type Housing material Connection type
Type Selection
Housing RatedOrdering no.Ordering no.Ordering no.Ordering no. dimensionsoperating dist. NPN/cableNPN/plugPNP/cablePNP/plug
W x H x D (Sn)1)Make & break swit. Make & break swit. Make & break swit. Make & break swit.
35 x 55 x 1516/25 mmEC 5525 NPAP EC 5525 NPAP-1EC 5525 PPAP EC 5525 PPAP-1
1) Object: Grounded steel plate
Rated operating dist. (Sn)4 to 25 mm
factory set at 25 mm
SensitivityAdj. 270° single turn pot.meter Effective operating dist. (Sr)0.9 x Sn £ Sr £ 1.1 x S Usable operating dist. (Su) 0.8 x Sr £ Sn > 1.2 x Sr Repeat accuracy (R) £ 5%
Hysteresis (H)3 to 20% of sensing distance Rated operational volt. (UB)10 to 40 VDC (ripple incl.) Ripple £ 10%
Rated operational current (Ie)
Continuous £ 200 mA
No-load supply current (Io) £ 10 mA (no load) Voltage drop (Ud)£ 2.5 VDC at max. load ProtectionReverse polarity,
short-circuit, transients
Frequency of operating
cycles (f)50 Hz
Indication for output ONLED, yellow
Degree of protection IP 67 (Nema 1, 3, 4, 6, 13)
Operating temperature -25 to +80°C( -13 to +176°F) Storage temperature-40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F)
Housing material Polycarbonate (PC), grey
CableGrey, 2 m, 4 x 0.34 mm2
Oil proof, PVC Plug (-1)M12 x 1
Cable for plug (-1)CON.1A-series
Weight (incl. nuts)125 g (cable version)
40 g (plug version)
ApprovalsUL, CSA
CE-marking Yes
Specifications are subject to change without notice (09.01.03)1

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pdf1-CARLO GAVAZZI - EC5525NPAP-1 - EC5525NPAP1 English 12 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - EC5525NPAP-1 - EC5525NPAP1
pdf2-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - EC5525NPAP-1 - EC5525NPAP1 English 306 Kbytes pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - EC5525NPAP-1 - EC5525NPAP1

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