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Control System, SYSMAC SPU Unit Setting Software

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CJ-series High-speed Data Storage Unit (SPU Unit)
High-speed Collection of System Data
The CPU Unit can collect large amounts of process data, operation data, inspection data, and other controlled system data quickly and automatically save the data in external
storage media as CSV files.
• There is no need to write ladder programming to collect data. Even with an existing system, just mount an SPU Unit and add it to the I/O tables to start data collection.
• The total size of variables that can be specified to collect data is 7,776 words.
• Use specified times or events as triggers to record the contents of specified words in I/O memory in the CPU Unit.
• In Data Storage Mode, up to 65 data collection patterns are possible with one basic collection pattern and data collection patterns 1 to 64. Combine the collection patterns with events to simultaneously collect many different types of data.
• Collected data can be stored in PC cards or in a computer connected via Ethernet. Data Management Middleware can be used to make a few simple settings to store the data in a host computer.
• Recipes can be used to batch-write numeric or text string data, such as production parameters, in the memory areas of the CPU Unit. Recipe data can be saved in a Memory Card in the SPU Unit to easily enable process switchovers.
• SPU Units with a unit version of 2.1 or later also provide an FTP client. This enables sending files of collected data to an FTP server on a host computer, eliminating the need to write programming to store data in the host computer.
System Configuration
SPU-Console Setting/Monitoring Software
SPU Unit CPU Unit
Hub or other network device
LAN straight cable
(commercially available)
LAN straight cable (commercially available)
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pdf1-Software - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English8 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf2-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English428 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf2-Software - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English3 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf3-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English2 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf3-Software - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English4 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf4-Software - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English14 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863
pdf5-Software - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863English8 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSoftware - OMRON - WS02-SPTC1-V2 - 246863

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