H7ER-NV-B 232199 OMRON Counter, tachometer LCD Black Ent. DC PNP / NPN 4 digits 24x48 View larger
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H7ER-NV-B 232199 OMRON Counter, tachometer LCD Black Ent. DC PNP / NPN 4 digits 24x48





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Counter, tachometer LCD Black Ent. DC PNP / NPN 4 digits 24x48

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Counters - Totalisers - OMRON

Counters - Totalisers - H7ER - OMRON

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H7ER Totalisers
Self-powered tachometer
The H7E series is available with large display with 8.6 mm character height. It includes models with backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit places.
The H7E family includes total counters, time counters, tachometers and
PCB mounted counters.
• Size in mm (H×W×D) 24×48×53.5, 1/32 DIN size housing
• 5 digits, 8.6 mm character height
• Black or light-grey housing
• Dual revolution display
Ordering information
Count input Display Order code
Max. revolutions displayed (applicable encoder resolution)
1,000 s-1 (1 pulse/rev.)
1,000 min-1 (60 pulse/rev.)
1,000.0 s-1 (10 pulse/rev)
1,000.0 min-1 (600 pulse/rev) <->
10,000 min-1 (60 pulse/rev) (switchable)
Light grey body Black body Light grey body Black body
No-voltage input 7-segment LCD H7ER-N H7ER-N-B
PNP/NPN universal
DC voltage input
7-segment LCD H7ER-NV H7ER-NV-B H7ER-NV1 H7ER-NV1-B
7-segment LCD with backlight H7ER-NV-H H7ER-NV-BH H7ER-NV1-H H7ER-NV1-BH
Item H7ER-NV1-_/H7ER-NV1-_H H7ER-NV-_/H7ER-NV-_H H7ER-N-_ Operating mode Up type
Mounting method Flush mounting
External connections Screw terminals, wire-wrap terminals
Display 7-segment LCD with or without backlight, zero suppression (character height: 8.6 mm)
Number of digits 5 4
Max. revolutions displayed 1,000.0 s-1 (when encoder resolution of 10 pulse/rev is used)
1,000.0 min-1 (when encoder resolu- tion of 600 pulse/rev is used)
<-> 10,000 min-1 (when encoder reso-
lution of 60 pulse/rev is used) (switchable with switch)
1,000 s-1 (when encoder resolution of 1 pulse/rev is used)
1,000 min-1 (when encoder resolution of 60 pulse/rev is used)
Attachment Waterproof packing, flush mounting bracket, revolution unit labels
Supply voltage Backlight model: 24 VDC (0.3 W max.) (for backlight lit)
No-backlight model: Not required (powered by built-in battery)
Count input High (logic) level: 4.5 to 30 VDC Low (logic) level: 0 to 2 VDC
(Input impedance: Approx. 4.7 k)
Max. counting speed 10 kHz 1 kHz
Minimum signal width 10 kHz: 0.05 ms, 1 kHz: 0.5 ms
Not required (powered by built-in battery) No voltage input
Maximum short-circuit impedance:
10 k max.
Short-circuit residual voltage: 0.5 V max. Minimum open impedance: 750 k min.
Ambient temperature Operating: –10 to 55°C (with no condensation or icing), storage: –25 to 65°C (with no condensation or icing)
Degree of protection Front-panel: IP66, NEMA4 with waterproof packing, terminal block: IP20
Battery life (reference) 7 years min. with continuous input at 25°C (lithium battery)
Size in mm (H×W×D) 24×48×53.5

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - H7ER-NV-B - 232199English145 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - H7ER-NV-B - 232199
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - H7ER-NV-B - 232199English3 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - H7ER-NV-B - 232199

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