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14101R6517 135651 EATON MOELLER Sensor óptico Serie Comet





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Sensor óptico Serie Comet

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Sensores Fibra Optica


Sensores ÓpticosSerie Comet - EATON - MOELLER

* Producto nuevo en su embalaje original con todas las garantías y certificaciones de EATON - MOELLER

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Delivery programme
Basic function
  Optical sensors
Product range
  Comet Series
For connection of:
  2 m connection cable
Design (outer dimensions)
  mmM18 x 1
Rated operational voltage
Ue 10 - 30 V DC
Rated switching distance
  polarized light
for combination with reflector
Beam: right-angled
  Reflex photoelectric sensor
Type of light
  Visible red
  Insulated material
Switching type
Switching principle
  Adjustable bright/dark switching
Technical data
  IEC/EN 60947-5-2
Ambient temperature
  -40 - +70
Mechanical shock resistance
Shock duration 3 ms
Degree of Protection
Rated switching distance
Rated switching distance
Rated operational voltage
Ue 10 - 30 V DC
Operating current in the switched state at 24 V DC
Maximum load current
IemA< PNP: 100
NPN: 250 (120 > 55 °C)
Response time
Switching state display
Protective functions
  Short-circuit protective device
Protection against polarity reversal
Design (outer dimensions)
  mmM18 x 1
For connection of:
  2 m connection cable
  Insulated material
Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439(Show features)(Hide features)
Technical data for design verification
Operating ambient temperature min.
Operating ambient temperature max.
Technical data ETIM 6.0(Show features)(Hide features)
Sensors (EG000026) / Reflection light barrier (EC002717)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Binary sensor technology, safety-related sensor technology / Optoelectronic sensor / Reflection light barrier ([email protected] [AKP251010])
Pre failure notice
With time function
Rated switching distance
Max. switching distance
Max. output current
Reflector included
Analogue output 0 V ... 10 V
Analogue output 0 mA ... 20 mA
Analogue output 4 mA ... 20 mA
Analogue output -10 V ... +10 V
With other analog output
Setting procedure
  Manual adjustment
With communication interface analog
With communication interface AS-Interface
With communication interface CANOpen
With communication interface DeviceNet
With communication interface Ethernet
With communication interface INTERBUS
With communication interface PROFIBUS
With communication interface RS-232
With communication interface RS-422
With communication interface RS-485
With communication interface SSD
With communication interface SSI
Number of semiconductor outputs with signalling function
Number of contact energized outputs with signalling function
Number of protected semiconductor outputs
Number of protected contact energized outputs
Type of interface for safety communication
Type of electric connection
Type of switching output
Type of switch function
Operation agent-safety class
Explosion safety category for gas
Explosion safety category for dust
Construction type housing
  Cylinder, screw-thread
Width sensor
Diameter sensor
Height of sensor
Length of sensor
Switch function
  Light-/dark switching
Material of optical surface
Material housing
Max. output current at protected output
Min. reflector distance
Ambient temperature
 °C-40 - 70
Time of reaction
Transmission range of the safety field
Switching frequency
Type of safety acc. IEC 61496-1
Switching voltage of OSSD at state high
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ
 V0 - 0
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ
 V0 - 0
Rated control supply voltage Us at DC
 V10 - 30
Voltage type
With monitoring function downstream switching devices
Laser protection class
Wavelength of the sensor
Type of light
  Polarity free red light
Light dot
With restart blockage
Suitable for safety functions
Degree of protection (IP)
Product Standards  UL 508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14; IEC60947-5-2; CE marking
UL File No.  E117028
UL Category Control No.  NRKH, NRKH7
CSA File No.  50513
CSA Class No.  3211-07
North America Certification  UL listed, CSA certified
Max. Voltage Rating  30 V DC
Degree of Protection  IEC: IP68, IP69K; UL/CSA Type: 1, 4, 6
IL05305002Z Comet Series Optical Sensors

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