DSF52CA385 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 36 mm POWER SU.. View larger
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DSF52CA385 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 36 mm POWER SU..



Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 36 mm POWER SUPPLY RANGE Type 1 / 2 MONITORING FUNCTION Protection for AC systems MOUTING DIN-rail INPUT RANGE 385VAC

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Monitoring Relays
Surge Arresters forAC systems
Type DSF A/P
• Type 2 (class C) according to EN61643-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11)
• Approved UL1449 3rd Edition
• Complies with IEC-61643-1, UTE C 61-740-51
• Do not require backup fuse up to 200kArms (UL 1449 3rdEd.)
• Innovative tecnology to prevent dangerous failures in case of temporary overvoltages
• Suitable for unstable networks where sustainend over- voltages may persist for some minutes or longer
• Plug-in cartridges
• Optical indication of exhausted cartridges (red window)
• Voltage-free contact, for remote function monitoring
• Including thermal and dynamic separating device
• Assembled unit ready for mounting
• Marked connections
• For DIN-rail mounting
Product Description Ordering Key
DSF 52 C A 277
DSF A/P are Type 2 (Class C) surge arresters according to EN 61643-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11) and UL1449 3rd edition suitable for protect- ingAC systemsfromtran- sient overvoltage due to both indirect atmospheric discharges and switching actions.
It is available for both single
and three phase AC lines, TN-S and TN-C.
The control windows (no/red indication) and the contact allow both a local and a remote monitoring of the status of the plug-in car- tridges,warning the opera- tor about the need to promptly replacethecar-
tridges themselves.
These surge protecting devices are Tipe II hence suitable for installation in main distributioncabinet, or secondarydistribution board, in installations with- outexternal LPS (Lightning Protection System) or where thedistance between the LPS elements and the solar panel frames is >50m.
Thesedevicesdonot require any external backup fuse thus saving space and cost.Inaccordingto UL1449 3rd Ed. and UTE C
61-740-51 DSF and canbe
installed on a DIN-rail in any commercially available dis- tribution box.
Description Code
DIN-rail D
Surge arrestersS
Type 2 (class C) “Fuseless” F
Cartridge dimensions
17.5 mm5
Single pole1
Two poles (2+0)2
Three poles (3+0)3
4 poles (4+0) 4
None X
1 (relay) C
AC 1 phase A
AC 3 phases P
150 VAC150
300 VAC277
385 VAC385
460 VAC 440
550 VAC 550
750 VAC 750
No backup-fuse tecnology
Long duration overvoltage path
The arrester is activated in the event of electric power system failure. The voltages are much lower than transient voltages
butsubstantially more destructive. The
system is composed of a current limitera
and a varistor. In the event of increased voltage level the current limiter circuit lim- its the current through the varistor. When the normal condition is re-established (rat- ed line voltage), the surge arrester contin- ues to perform its normal function.
Transient(short duration) overvoltage path The arrester is activated at the occurence of instantaneous high voltage surges last- ing only a few microseconds. Such condi-
tion states are experienced at switching
b operations and atmospheric discharges.
The system is composed of a gas tube surge arrester and a varistor. Both compo-
c nents have a very short response time
which is reflected in a low protective resid- ual voltage level. This provides an efficient
d protection of sensitive electronic devices.
a) Current limiterb) Gas tubec) Thermal disconnectord) Varistor
1 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Pictures are just an example. For special features and/or customization, please ask to our sales network. REV0 100713

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