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SAC-5P-10,0-802/M12FR-3L 1454396 PHOENIX CONTACT Sensor- / Aktor-Kabel, 5-polig, PUR halogenfrei, schweißper..





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Sensor- / Aktor-Kabel, 5-polig, PUR halogenfrei, schweißperlenbeständig, hochflexibel, grau RAL 7001, freies Leitungsende, auf Buchse gewinkelt M12, A-kodiert, mit 3 LEDs, Kabellänge: 10 m, für Roboter und Schleppketten

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Sensor/actuator cabling - PLUSCON field - PHOENIX CONTACT

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Length of cable10 m

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature (operation)-25 °C ... 90 °C (Plug / socket)
Degree of protectionIP65


Rated current at 40°C4 A
Rated voltage24 V
Number of positions5
Insulation resistance≥ 100 MΩ
CodingA - standard
Standards/regulationsM12 connector IEC 61076-2-101
Status display3 LEDs
Protective circuit/componentUnwired
Overvoltage categoryII
Pollution degree3
Insertion/withdrawal cycles≥ 100
Torque0.4 Nm (M12 connector)


Flammability rating according to UL 94HB
Contact materialCuSn
Contact surface materialNi/Au
Contact carrier materialTPU GF
Material of grip bodyTPU, hardly inflammable, self-extinguishing
Material, knurlsZinc die-cast, nickel-plated
Sealing materialNBR


NoteDue to the extremely robust outer sheath, this cable should only be stripped in 5 cm increments.
Cable typePUR, halogen-free, highly stranded, resistant to welding sparks, gray
Cable type (abbreviation)802
Cable abbreviationLi12Y11Y-HF
Conductor cross section5x 0.34 mm² (signal line)
AWG signal line22
Conductor structure signal line42x 0.10 mm
Core diameter including insulation1.3 mm ±0.05 mm (signal line)
Wire colorsBlack, brown, blue, white, green/yellow
Overall twist5 wires around filler to the core
External sheath, colorgray RAL 7001
External cable diameter D5.1 mm ±0.2 mm
Minimum bending radius, fixed installation5 x D
Minimum bending radius, flexible installation5 x D
Number of bending cycles15000000
Bending radius50 mm
Traversing path0.9 m
Traversing rate5 m/s
Acceleration30 m/s²
Torsion force± 360 °/m
Outer sheath, materialPUR
Material conductor insulationPES
Conductor materialBare Cu litz wires
Insulation resistance≥ 20 MΩ*km
Conductor resistanceapprox. 53 Ω/km
Nominal voltage, cable300 V
Test voltage, cable1200 V
Special propertiesSheath resistant to welding beads, can be recycled, matt, without adhesion, wear-resistant, flame resistant and self-extinguishing
Free from silicone and cadmium
Free of substances which would hinder coating with paint or varnish
Flame resistanceDIN VDE 0472 part 804, test type B
IEC 60332-1
in acc. with UL FT-2
Halogen-freeThe cable is halogen-free
Resistance to oilAs per VDE 0472 Part 803
Other resistanceHighly resistant to acids, alkaline solutions and solvents
Ambient temperature (operation)-40 °C ... 90 °C (cable, fixed installation)
-30 °C ... 90 °C (cable, flexible installation)
to 120 °C (for 3000 h)

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PHOENIX CONTACT-1454396-SAC-5P-10,0-802/M12FR-3LEnglish149 KbytesPHOENIX CONTACT-1454396-SAC-5P-10,0-802/M12FR-3L

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