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Optischer Sensor, Sensor-Controller

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Zubehör Optische Sensoren

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Optical Fiber Glossy Object Sensor E3X-NL
An Innovative Glossy Object Sensor with Optical Technology Discriminates an Array of Glossy Objects
Employs OMRON’s unique FAO (Free Angle Optics) technology which enables delicate sensing of object glossiness without influence from colors and patterns.
Easily senses minute objects within a sensing spot that is 2 mm in diameter (short-range models).
Two types of Fiber Unit (10-mm short-range and
20-mm long-range models) can be used for wide range of applications.
Incorporates a mutual interference preventive function, enabling operation of multiple closely mounted models without mutual interference.
Incorporates an easy-to-use teaching function.
Ordering Information
Amplifier Units
Model E3X-NL11
Light source Red LED (l = 680 nm)
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC ±10%, ripple (p-p) 10% max.
Current consumption 100 mA max.
Response time 1 ms
Control output 30-VDC NPN open collector output, load current: 100 mA, residual voltage: 1 V max.
Timer function (see note 1) OFF-delay timer (fixed to 40 ms)
Remote teaching input Pink and blue (0 V) wires are short-circuited when remote input is ON. (0 V short-circuit current: 1 mA
Pink and blue (0 V) wires are not short-circuited when remote input is OFF. (Open or 9 V min. max. input voltage: 24 V)
Answer-back output 30-VDC NPN open collector output, load current: 100 mA, residual voltage: 1 V max.
Output Light ON and Dark ON switch selectable
Note: 1. It is possible to disable the OFF-delay timer function by using the switch setting.
2. Before using the product under conditions not described in the manual or applying the product to nuclear control systems, railroad systems, aviation systems, vehicles, combustion systems, medical equipment, amusement machines, safety equipment, and oth- er systems, machines, and equipment that may have a serious influence on lives and property if used improperly, consult your OMRON representative. Make sure that the ratings and performance characteristics of the product are good enough for the sys- tems, machines, and equipment, and be sure to provide the systems, machines, and equipment with double safety mechanisms.

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