F3E-IK-M 231752 OMRON Advanced Sensors, Montage-Kit für mobile Installation. Vergrößern
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F3E-IK-M 231752 OMRON Advanced Sensors, Montage-Kit für mobile Installation.





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Advanced Sensors, Montage-Kit für mobile Installation.

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Ultra-flat multi-beam sensor for elevators
• Ultra-flat 9 mm shape for easy design-in in elevator constructions
• Highest ambient light immunity
(200,000 lux) for installations with direct sunlight exposition
• Triple crossing resolution maintained close to zero distance
• Robust aluminum housing
• Ray failure toleration
• Test input
• Built-in amplifier
(operation with 10-30 VDC)
• Fulfills requirements of EN81-70
Designed & manufactured by
Ordering Information
Pitch Detection area channels Number of optical axis
Connection Output Model number
120 mm 1800 mm 16 46 5 m pre-wired potential-
F3E-16-T1 5M
M8 Connector (4-pin)
free output
40 mm 1800 mm 46 136 5 m pre-wired F3E-46-T1 5M M8 Connector (4-pin) F3E-46-T6
High reliability and flexibility:
Test input: Function of multi-beam sensor can be tested by transmitter cut off on test signal. A subsequent receiver cut off can be monitored by control unit.
Ray failure toleration: As soon as one channel is not switching for more than 60 seconds, the F3E identifies a defect and deac- tivates this channel. The sensor then functions normally again showing the defect channel by a red error LED.
Easy parameterization: By test input of transmitter a parameterization of L-ON/D-ON operation and shading of LED areas is pos- sible. No complicated programming or remote control needed
Potential free output: The F3E provides a wear-free electronic relay output for highest connection flexibility and life-time.
F3E Multibeam sensor 1

Datasheet - PDF

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