RM1A23M100 CARLO GAVAZZI Parameter ausgewählt Montagesystem Platte Kategorie Nenngebrauchs- 76-100 ACA Nenns.. Vergrößern
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RM1A23M100 CARLO GAVAZZI Parameter ausgewählt Montagesystem Platte Kategorie Nenngebrauchs- 76-100 ACA Nenns..





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Parameter ausgewählt Montagesystem Platte Kategorie Nenngebrauchs- 76-100 ACA Nennspannung 230 V AC MODE Schaltausgang Nulldurchgang Anzahl der Phasen 1 CONTROL-AC-und DC-Anschlussschraube MODEL Solid State Relais ARTIKEL CODE RM1A23M100 Andere DATA STÄRKE 100 ACA Eingabekontrolle 5-24 VDC / AC PRODUKT Breite 45 mm

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Industrials Relays, Halbleiterrelais schütze, Sockets

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Solid State Relays
Low Voltage AC/DC Control: 5 to 24 V
Types RM 23M, RM 40M, RM 48M, RM 60M
• Zero switching AC Solid State Relay
• Low voltage AC/DC control: 5 to 24 V
• Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology
• LED indication
• Built-in varistor
• Clip-on IP 20 protection cover
• Self-lifting terminals
• Housing free of moulding mass
• Operational ratings: Up to 100AACrms and 600VACrms
• Opto-isolation: > 4000VACrms
Product Description
Ordering Key
RM 1 A 23 M 25
The industrial, 1-phase relay with antiparallel thyristor out- put is the most widely used SSR due to its multiple appli- cation possibilities. This relay has been designed to inter- face low voltage AC or DC control systems with high voltage resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. The zero switching relay switches ON when the sinusoidal curve
Type Selection
crosses zero and switches OFF when the current cross- es zero. The built-in varistor secures transient protection for the heavy industrial appli- cations, and the LED indi- cates the status of the con- trol input. The clip-on cover is securing touch safety to IP 20. Protected output ter- minals can take cables up to
16 mm2.
Solid State Relay Number of poles Switching mode
Rated operational voltage
Control voltage
Rated operational current
Switching mode Rated operational Control voltage Rated operational voltage current
A: Zero Switching 23: 230VACrms M: 5 to 24VDC/AC 25: 25AACrms
40: 400VACrms 50: 50AACrms
48: 480VACrms 75: 75AACrms
60: 600VACrms 100: 100AACrms
Selection Guide
Rated opera- Blocking Control Rated operational current
tional voltage voltage voltage 25 AACrms 50 AACrms 75 AACrms 100 AACrms
230VACrms 650Vp 5 to 24VDC/AC RM1A23M25 RM1A23M50 RM1A23M75 RM1A23M100
400VACrms 850Vp 5 to 24VDC/AC RM1A40M25 RM1A40M50 RM1A40M75 RM1A40M100
480VACrms 1200Vp 5 to 24VDC/AC RM1A48M25 RM1A48M50 RM1A48M75 RM1A48M100
600VACrms 1400Vp 5 to 24VDC/AC RM1A60M25 RM1A60M50 RM1A60M75 RM1A60M100
General Specifications
Operational voltage range 24 to 265VACrms 42 to 440VACrms 42 to 530VACrms 42 to 660VACrms
Blocking voltage ³ 650Vp ³ 850Vp ³ 1200Vp ³ 1400Vp Zero voltage turn-on £ 15V £ 15V £ 15V £ 15V Operational frequency range 45 to 65Hz 45 to 65Hz 45 to 65Hz 45 to 65Hz
Power factor > 0.5 @ 230VACrms > 0.5 @ 400VACrms > 0.5 @ 480VACrms > 0.5 @ 600VACrms
CE-marking Yes Yes Yes Yes *
* Heatsink must be connected to ground.
2-42 Specifications are subject to change without notice (28.02.2007)

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