G21960005700 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING Open PCB I/O TYPE Serial.. View larger
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G21960005700 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING Open PCB I/O TYPE Serial..





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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Serial interface HOUSING Open PCB I/O TYPE Serial protocol NUMBER OF I/O 0 Others MODULE TYPE RS485 interface I/O TYPE Modbus-RTU protocol MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Open PCB serial RS485 interface with Modbus-RTU protocol, channel generator

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Master Module
TypeG 2196 00..
• Dupline®Channel Generator
• 128 signals and DC power supply on 3 wires
• RS 485 port for interfacing to control system
• Automatic communication with specific PLC’s/Controllers
• Multidropping of up to 16 G 2196 0000 or
G 2196 0005 on RS 485
• Cost-effective design on open PCB (86 x 54 mm)
• LED-indications for supply, Dupline®carrier and
RS 485 Tx
• DC-supply
Product DescriptionOrdering Key
G 2196 0000 700
G 2196 00.. is a combined module on open printed circuit board. The unit performs three functions: Dupline® channel ge- nerator, power supply synchro- nization (enables 3-wire system with supply) and RS 485 inter- face. It has been designed as a cost-effective solution for multiplexing the push-button and lamp signals in elevators.
The standard version of the Master Module has a general- purpose RS 485-protocol available, but to facilitate the interfacing easy, special pro- tocol versions of the master module for automatic commu- nication with specific PLC’s/ Controllers are developed con- tinouosly. These are listed under “Type Selection”.
Type: Dupline® Open PCB Combined module Interface type
DC supply
SupplyPLC Interface typeOrdering no.PLC Interface typeOrdering no.
20-30 VDCStandard protocolG 2196 0000 700Mitsubishi FX- and A-series G 2196 0003 700
20-30 VDCLucky Goldstar K-seriesG 2196 0001 700Omron G 2196 0004 700
20-30 VDCGE-Fanuc 90-30 series G 2196 0002 700Modbus RTU SlaveG 2196 0005 700
Input/Output Specifications Supply Specifications
Power output
Output voltage20-30 VDC (pulsating)
Output current < 4.0 A @ 25ºC
Short circuit protection4 A quick acting fuse
Output voltage drop< 1.0 V
Output voltage8.2 V (pulsating)
Current< 40 mA
Short circuit protectionYes
Scan time
128 channels132.2 ms
64 channels69.8 ms
RS 485 communication port Communication speed19200 Baud Connection9 pole female SUB-D Pin assignment
Data line + (B) Pin 3
Data line - (A) Pin 8
5 VDC supply + Pin 6
5 VDC GNDPin 5
Current load 5 VDC supply< 150 mA
Dielectric voltage
RS 485 port - Dupline® > 2 kVAC (rms)
Device no. (for RS 485)
(only G 2196 0000) 4 DIP-switches
64 or 128 channels 1 DIP-switch
Power supplyOvervoltage cat. III (IEC 60664) Operational voltage (Vin) 20-30 VDC
Reverse polarity protection None
Current consumption< 100 mA Power dissipation < 6 W Inrush current < 200 mA Transient protection voltage 800 V Dieelectric voltage
Supply - Dupline® None
Supply - RS 485 port > 2 kVAC (rms)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (29.04.03) 1
Dupline®is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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