RZ3A48A75P CARLO GAVAZZI Parameters selected Mounting System Panel CATEGORY CURRENT NOMINAL 51-75 ACA NOMINA.. View larger
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RZ3A48A75P CARLO GAVAZZI Parameters selected Mounting System Panel CATEGORY CURRENT NOMINAL 51-75 ACA NOMINA..




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Parameters selected Mounting System Panel CATEGORY CURRENT NOMINAL 51-75 ACA NOMINAL VOLTAGE 480 VAC MODE SWITCHING OUTPUT Zero crossing Number of phase 3 CONTROL AC POWER CONNECTION Screw MODEL Solid State Relay ITEM CODE RZ3A48A75P Other DATA OF INTENSITY 75 ACA CONTROL INPUT 24-265 VAC / DC Product width 103mm

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Solid State Relays Ssr


Industrials Relays, Solid State Relays and sockets

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Solid State Relays Industrial, 3-Phase ZS Type RZ3A
• 3-phase Solid State Relay
• Zero switching
• Rated operational current: 3 x 25, 55 or 75 A
• Rated operational voltage: Up to 690 VAC
• Control voltage, 4-32 VDC or 24-275 VAC
• Integral snubber network
• Built-in varistor
• Over-temperature protection option with alarm output
• IP 10 back-of-hand protection
• LED indication of control input and over-temperature alarm status
Product Description
Ordering Key
RZ 3 A 60 D 75P
A Solid State Relay family designed to switch various loads such as heating ele- ments, motors and transform- ers. The relay is capable of switching high voltages up to
600 VACrms. The built-in varistor secures transient pro- tection for heavy industrial applications.
For higher reliability and load cyclecapability threesemi-
Type Selection
conductor power units are sol- dered directly on to the direct copper bonded (DCB) sub- strate. AC- or DC-controlled versions are available. Built-in LED statusindicationfor ap- plied control voltage and over- temperature alarm (optional).
The series covers a range of loadcurrentsupto75
Solid State Relay Number of poles Switching mode
Rated opertional voltage
Control voltage
Rated opertional current
Switching Rated operationalRated operational Control Option modevoltagecurrentvoltage
A: Zero Switching 40: 400 VACrms25: 3 x 25 AACrmsD: 4-32 VDC P: Over-
48: 480 VACrms55: 3 x 55 AACrmsA: 24-275 VAC/24-50 VDC temperature
60: 600 VACrms75: 3 x 75 AACrmsprotection and
69: 690 VACrms alarm output
(available only for A and D input)
Selection Guide
Rated operational ControlRated operational current
voltage voltage3 x 25 A 3 x 55 A 3 x 75 A
400 VACrms4-32 VDCRZ3A40D25RZ3A40D55 RZ3A40D75
24-275 VAC/24-50 VDCRZ3A40A25RZ3A40A55RZ3A40A75
480 VACrms 4-32 VDCRZ3A48D25RZ3A48D55RZ3A48D75
24-275 VAC/24-50 VDC RZ3A48A25RZ3A48A55RZ3A48A75
600 VACrms4-32 VDCRZ3A60D25RZ3A60D55 RZ3A60D75
24-275 VAC/24-50 VDC RZ3A60A25RZ3A60A55RZ3A60A75
690 VACrms4-32 VDC--RZ3A69D75
24-275 VAC/24-50 VDC- - RZ3A69A75
Over-temperature protection and alarm output: add suffix P to include over-temperature protection and alarm output. Example: RZ3A60D75P. Not available on 690VACrms versions.
Rated isolation voltage
Input to output4000 VACrms
Output to case4000 VACrms
Thermal Specifications
Operating temperature -30° to +80°C (-22° to +176° F) Storage temperature-40° to +100°C (-40° to + 212° F) Junction temperature +125°C (+ 257˚F)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (23.01.2014)1

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