D4B-4517N 134612 OMRON Security Product, Metallic SPDT-NO / NC adjustable rod Slow Rupture PG13.5





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Security Product, Metallic SPDT-NO / NC adjustable rod Slow Rupture PG13.5

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Safety. Safety limit switches - Safety limit switch with metal housing - OMRON

Safety. Safety limit switches - Safety limit switch with metal housing - D4B - OMRON

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D4B Limit switches
Limit switch with metal housing
The D4B series of limit switches in a rugged metal housing is suitable for both safety and non-safety applications due to its direct opening mechanism and TÜV approval. Furthermore with the increased temperature range and enhanced mechanical switching life-
time, the D4B is first choice for all applications from standard to demanding environ- ments and for highest flexibility in mounting and connectivity preferences.
• Direct opening mechanism and approval by notified body
• Rugged metal housing and extended mechanical switching lifetime
(snap action models)
• Terminal block for direct wiring
Ordering information
Actuator type Connection method Order code*1
1NC/1NO (snap-action) 1NC/1NO (slow-action) 2NC (slow-action)
Roller lever*2
Terminal block with
M20 conduit*3
D4B-4111N D4B-4511N D4B-4A11N
Adjustable roller lever D4B-4116N D4B-4516N D4B-4A16N
Adjustable rod lever D4B-4117N D4B-4517N D4B-4A17N Plain D4B-4170N D4B-4570N D4B-4A70N
Roller D4B-4171N D4B-4571N D4B-4A71N
Coil spring D4B-4181N*4 – –
Plastic rod D4B-4187N*4 – –
*1 The NC contacts provide the approved direct opening mechanism.
*2 For models with stainless steel rollers and temperature resistance of -40°C refer to WL-_-TC.
*3 Models with G1/2 or 1/2"14NPT conduit are available. For ordering refer to complete datasheet. For PG13.5 conduit models for non-safety applications contact your OMRON representative.
*4 No direct opening mechanism.
Item Snap-action Slow-action
Mechanical 30,000,000 operations min. 10,000,000 operations min.
Electrical 500,000 operations min. (at a 250 VAC, 10 A resistive load)
Operating speed 1 mm/s to 0.5 m/s
Operating frequency Mechanical 120 operations/min
Electrical 30 operations/min
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Contact resistance 25 m max. (initial value) Pollution degree (operating environment) 3 (EN60947-5-1) Conditional short-circuit current 100 A (EN60947-5-1) Conventional enclosed thermal current (Ith) 20 A (EN60947-5-1)
Protection against electric shock Class I (with ground terminal)
Ambient temperature Operating –40 to 80°C (with no icing)*2
Degree of protection IP67 (EN60947-5-1)
*1 The values are acquired for an ambient temperature of 5 to 35°C and an ambient humidity of 40% to 70%.
*2 –25 to 80°C for the flexible-rod actuator.
D4B Limit switches
1NO/1NC Contact (Snap-action)
If metal deposition between mating contacts occurs on the NC contact side, they can be pulled apart by the shearing force and tensile force generated when part B of the
safety cam or plunger engages part A of the movable contact blade. When the safety cam or plunger is moved in the direction of the arrow, the Limit Switch releases.
1. When metal deposition occurs. 2. When contacts are being pulled apart.
Movable contact
3. When contacts are completely pulled apart.
Movable contact blade
Fixed contact (NC)
Safety cam
Safety cam directly pushes up the movable contact blade.
1NC/1NO Contact (Slow-action) 2NC Contact (Slow-action)
Fixed contact (NC)
Fixed contact (NC)
Contact spring
Return spring
Movable contact
Contact spring
Return spring
Movable contact
Fixed contact (NO)
NC contacts conform to EN60947-5-1 Direct Opening
When metal deposition occurs, the contacts are separated from each other by the plunger being pushed in.
is marked on the product to indicate approval of direct opening.

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612English184 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612English180 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612
pdf3-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612English1 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4B-4517N - 134612

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