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D4A-1114N 146872 OMRON Final Industrial / Push Carrera





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Final Industrial / Push Carrera

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Limit Switches

Mechanical sensors/Limit switches - Limit switches - OMRON

Mechanical sensors/Limit switches - Limit switches - Others - OMRON

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General-purpose Limit Switch
[email protected]
The Limit Switch with Better Seal, Shock
Resistance, and Strength
• A double seal on the head, a complete gasket cover, and other features ensure a better seal (meets UL NEMA 3, 4, 4X, 6P, 12,
• Block mounting method to reduce weight to 290 g.
• Block mounting method also reduces downtime for mainte- nance.
• Wide standard operating temperature range:
–40°C to 100°C (standard type).
• Models with fluoro-rubber available for greater resistance to chemicals.
• DPDT, double-break models available for complex operations.
Model Number Structure
■ Model Number Legend
1 2 3
1. Receptacle Box
1: 1/2-14 NPT conduit (SPDT, double-break)
2: 1/2-14 NPT conduit (DPDT, double-break)
3: G 1/2 conduit (SPDT, double-break)
4: G 1/2 conduit (DPDT, double-break)
5: M20 x 1.5 conduit (SPDT, double-break)
6: M20 x 1.5 conduit (DPDT, double-break)
2. Switch Box
1: SPDT, double-break, without indicator
3: SPDT, double-break, neon lamp
A: SPDT, double-break, LED (12 VDC) C: SPDT, double-break, LED
(24 VDC, leakage current: 4 mA)
E: SPDT, double-break, LED
(24 VDC, leakage current: 1.3 mA)
G: SPDT, double-break, LED (48 VDC)
5: DPDT, double-break, simultaneous operation, without indi- cator
7: DPDT, double-break, sequential operation, without indicator
(See note 1.)
9: DPDT, double-break, center neutral operation, without indi- cator (See note 2.)
L: DPDT, double-break, simultaneous operation, neon lamp
M: DPDT, double-break, sequential operation, neon lamp
(See note 1.)
N: DPDT, double-break, center neutral operation, neon lamp
(See note 2.)
P: DPDT, double-break, simultaneous operation, LED Q: DPDT, double-break, sequential operation, LED
(See note 1.)
R: DPDT, double-break, center neutral operation, LED (See note 2.)
3. Head
01: Roller lever, standard
02: Roller lever, high-sensitivity
03: Roller lever, low torque
04: Roller lever, high-sensitivity, low torque
05: Roller lever, maintained
17: Roller lever, sequential operation
18: Roller lever, center neutral operation
06: Side plunger, standard
07-V: Side plunger, vertical roller
07-H: Side plunger, horizontal roller
08: Side plunger, adjustable
09: Top plunger, standard
10: Top plunger, roller
11: Top plunger, adjustable
12: Flexible rod, spring wire
14: Flexible rod, plastic rod
15: Flexible rod, cat whisker
16: Flexible rod, coil spring
Note: 1. Use the D4A-0017N Special Head.
2. Use the D4A-0018N Special Head.
3. Fluoro-rubber sealed type is also available.
General-purpose Limit Switch [email protected] F-9

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4A-1114N - 146872English442 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - D4A-1114N - 146872

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