G34304249230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/.. View larger
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G34304249230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/..





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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/O TYPE Relay output NUMBER OF I/O 2 Others MODULE TYPE Output module HOUSING H4 (W72) I/O TYPE 5A SPST relay POWER SUPPLY 230 VAC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Output module for two roller blind motors with built-in interlock function

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Output Module for Rollerblind Motors
Type G 3430 4249
• Up/down control of 2 rollerblind motors
• Up/down interlocking for each motor
• H4-housing
• For mounting on DIN-rail (EN 50022)
• LED-indications for supply Dupline® carrier and motor up/down
• AC power supply
• Channel coding by GAP 1605
Product Description Ordering Key
G 3430 4249 024
Dupline®output module for up/down control of two rollerblind motors. A built-in up/down interlocking function protects the motors. Each motorrequires twoDupline® channels, one for“UP” and one for “DOWN”. There is a
LED indicationfor “UP” and “DOWN” for each motor. For intelligent control of the rollerblind motors it is recom- mended to use the Master Generator G38900014230, whichhas this functionbuilt in.
Type: Dupline® H4-housing Receiver
No. of channels Output type Power supply
Type Selection
Supply Ordering no.
4 channel
5 A/250 VAC
24 VAC G 3430 4249 024
115 VACG 3430 4249 115
230 VACG 3430 4249 230
15 to 30 VDC G 3430 4249 824
Supply Specifications
Power supply AC typesInstallations cat. III (IEC 60664) Rated operational voltage
through term. 21 & 22230230 VAC ± 15% (IEC 60038)
115115 VAC ± 15% (IEC 60038)
02424 VAC ± 15% Frequency 45 to 65 Hz Drop-out tolerance≤ 40 ms
Power consumptionTyp. 3.5 VA Power dissipation≤ 9 W Transient protection volt. 2304 kV
1152.5 kV
024800 V
Output Specifications
Outputs2 SPST x 2 SPDT relays
Isolated in groups of 2 x 2
Contact ratings (AgCdO) µ (micro gap)
Resistive loads AC 15 A/250 VAC (1250 VA) DC 10.25 A/250 VDC (62 W)
Inductive loads AC 152.5 A/230 VAC DC 135 A/24 VDC
Mechanical lifetime ≥ 30 x 106 operations
Electrical lifetime
(at max load) AC 1≥ 2.0 x 105 operations Operating frequency ≤ 7200 operations/h Insulation voltage
Outputs - Dupline®≥ 4 kVAC (rms)
Response time1 pulse train
Insulation voltage
Supply - Dupline® ≥ 4 kVAC (rms) Supply - Outputs≥ 4 kVAC (rms) Dupline®- Outputs≥ 4 kVAC (rms)
Power supply DC typesInstallation cat. III (IEC 60664) Operational voltage
through term. 21 & 2282415 to 30 VDC (ripple included) Ripple ≤ 3 V
Reverse-polarity protection Yes Current consumption≤ 100 mA Inrush current≤ 1 A Transient protection volt. 800 V Insulation voltage
Supply - Dupline® ≥ 200 VAC (rms) Supply - Outputs≥ 4 kVAC (rms) Dupline® - Outputs≥ 4 kVAC (rms)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (28.07.2009) 1
Dupline®is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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