G34296470024 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Input module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/O.. View larger
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G34296470024 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Input module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/O..





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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Input module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/O TYPE Analog DIN signal NUMBER OF I/O 4 Others MODULE TYPE Input module HOUSING H4 (W72) I/O TYPE 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC POWER SUPPLY 24 VAC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Universal analog input module with 4 isolated DIN inputs

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Universal Analog InputModule for DIN-Signals
Type G 3429 6470
• 4 isolated analog inputs
• Inputs individually configurable for 0-20 mA,
4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC
• Selectable resolution: 1/1999 or 1/255 of full scale
• Selectable data format: 8-bit binary, Analink or 3 1/2 digit BCD
• EMC immunity according to EN 50082-2 (industrial environment)
• DIN-rail mounting (EN 50022)
• Address-selection through rotary-switches
• LED-indication for Supply and Dupline® carrier
• LED-indication for invalid switch setting and 4-20 mA
• AC or DC power supply
Product DescriptionOrdering Key
G 3429 6470 024
Dupline®4 input univer- sal analog inputmodule for external supply. Analog values on the inputs are converted todigitalvalues andtrans- mittedonDupline®.Inputs are isolated individually to prevent ground-loops and to simplify installation. The input type can be selected as 0-20 mA, 4-20mA or0-10VDC for eachinput individually
making a mix of analog input types on the same input module possible. The trans- mission format on Dupline® canbeselectedtofitthe input module into existing installations, or simply to use the most suitable combina- tion of resolution and speed. The formats are: 8-bit binary, Analink and 3 1/2 digit BCD (with or without multiplexing).
Type: Dupline® H4-housing Transmitter
No. of channels Input type Power supply
Type Selection
SupplyOrdering no.
24 VACG 3429 6470 024
115 VAC G 3429 6470 115
230 VAC G 3429 6470 230
10-30 VDCG 3429 6470 800
Inputs set to voltage measurementInputs set to current measurement
Signal input DIN-voltage input DIN-current input Signal range0-10 VDC 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA Max. input level50 V 50 mA
Input resistance125 KΩ100 Ω shunt resistor
A/D11 bits or 8 bits11 bits or 8 bits
Transmission1/1999 or 1/255 1/1999 or 1/255
Settling time ts≤ 3 s ≤ 3 s
(ref. temp. 25°C) < 0.5% of full-scale< 0.5% of full-scale
Temperature influence
(ref. temp. 25°C) < ±10 ppm/K of full-scale< ±10 ppm/K of full-scale
< ±50 ppm/K of reading< ±50 ppm/K of reading Common mode rejection> 120 dB (50-60 Hz)> 120 dB (50-60 Hz) CMRR Input-Input > 80 dB (50-60 Hz)> 80 dB (50-60 Hz) Normal mode rejection > 45 dB (50-60 Hz)> 45 dB (50-60 Hz) Cable length < 25 m < 25 m
Dielectric voltage
Input - Input250 VAC (rms) 250 VAC (rms) Input - Dupline® 250 VAC (rms) 250 VAC (rms)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (23.10.2014) 1

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