EM27072DMV63XOSN CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy analyzer MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWE.. View larger
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EM27072DMV63XOSN CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy analyzer MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWE..





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Selected parameters FUNCTION Energy analyzer MOUNTING DIN-rail and Panel POWER SUPPLY Self power supply OUTPUT DIGITAL INPUT Dual static output (opto-mosfet) and serial port INPUT TYPE 3-phase AC CONNECTION CT/VT COMMUNICATION None Others RANGE 120VLN/230VLL CA DISPLAY 6+1 DGT VARIABLES kWh, kvarh, V, A, W DIGITAL INPUTS None PULSE 2 ALARMS None ANALOGUE none

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Energy Management Energy Analyzer Type EM270
• RS485 dual port for daisy chain connection (optional)
• 2 programmable pulsating outputs (optional)
• Easy connections management (selectable) disabled by
• Fast installation system by:
- Detachable dual voltage terminal blocks
- Daisy-chain of max 20 EM270 by dual voltage terminal
- Detachable serial and pulse outputs terminal blocks
- RJ11 connection for external TCD current transformers
• Overall dimensions: 72x72 mm
• Protection degree (front): IP50
• Equivalent to Class 1 (kWh) of EN62053-21(EM270 Base only)
• Equivalent to Class 2 (kvarh) of EN62053-23 (EM270 Base only)
• Equivalent to Class 0.5 (currents) of EN60044-1 (TCD
current transformers only)
• 2 meters in 1:
- up to 2 three-phase loads with virtual sum function
• 6 meters in 1:
- up to 6 single-phase loads system with virtual sum
• Virtual meter (sum of two 3-phase or six 1-phase loads)
• Energy meter with 6+1 DGT readout
• Current measurement up to 630 A with external TCD
current transformer accessories
• Auto-detection of the primary current of the external TCD current transformer
• Phase order of external TCD current transformer se- lectable
• Instantaneous variables readout: 3-DGT (power: 3-DGT,
current and voltage: 3-DGT)
• Single phase variables: V, A, kW
• Total energy measurements: total kWh and kvarh
• TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves (volt- ages/currents)
• Self power supply
• RS485 serial communication port (standard)
Product description
Dual three-phase energy me- ter with built-in configuration key-padand LCD data dis- playing capable to measure the consumed energy (and other electrical parameters) by up two three-phase loads or by up to six single-phase loads.Housing forboth
DIN-railandpanelmount- ing with IP50 (front) protec- tion degree. The voltage connectionsare carried out by a couple of detachable terminals so to allow a very fastdaisychaininstallation of multiple meters. Meas- urement of the current up to
630 A with external TCD cur- rent transformer accessories connected by RJ11. Moreo- ver the meter is provided either with two pulsating outputs proportional to the active energy being meas- ured(e.g.oneforlighting load and one for power load)
and a serial RS485 portor with a dual serial RS485 port based on detachable termi- nals for a fast installation. A virtual energy meter can be enabled to provide the total consumptions dataofthe two 3-phase loads (or of the six 1-phase ones).
Specification are subject to change without notice EM270-72D DS 0705141

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