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Solid State Relays Ssr


Industrials Relays, Solid State Relays and sockets

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Solid State Relays
Industrial, 1-Phase ZS (IO) w. LED and Built-in Varistor
Types RM 23, RM 40, RM 48, RM 60
• Zero switching (RM1A) or instant-on switching (RM1B) AC Solid State Relay
• Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology
• LED indication
• Built-in varistor
• Clip-on IP 20 protection cover
• Self-lifting terminals
• Housing free of moulding mass
• 2 input ranges: 3-32* VDC and 20-280VAC/22-48VDC
• Operational ratings: Up to 100AACrms and 600VACrms
• Blocking voltage: Up to 1400Vp
• Opto-isolation: > 4000VACrms
• CE, RoHS compliant
• cURus, CSA, CCC
Product Description
Ordering Key
RM 1 A 23 D 25
The industrial, 1-phase relay with antiparallel thyristor out- put is the most widely used industrial SSR due to its mul- tiple application possibilities. The relay can be used for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. The zero switching relay switches ON when the sinusoidal curve crosses zero and switches OFF when the current cross- es zero. The instant-on relay
with DC control input can be used for phase control. The built-in varistor secures tran- sient protection for the heavy industrial applications, and the LED indicates the status of the control input. The clip- on cover is securing touch protection to IP 20. Protect- ed output terminals can han- dle cables up to 16mm2.
Solid State Relay Number of poles Switching mode
Rated operational voltage
Control voltage
Rated operational current
Type Selection
Switching mode Rated operational Control voltage Rated operational voltage current
A: Zero Switching 23: 230VACrms A: 20-280VAC/22-48VDC 25: 25AACrms B: Instant-on switching 40: 400VACrms D: 3-32VDC* 50: 50AACrms (DC Control only) 48: 480VACrms *4 to 32VDC for 400, 480 and 600VAC types 75: 75AACrms
60: 600VACrms *4 to 32VDC for RM1B types 100: 100AACrms
Selection Guide
Rated opera- Blocking Control Rated operational current
tional voltage voltage voltage 25A 50A 75A 100A
230VACrms 650Vp 3 - 32VDC RM1A23D25 RM1A23D50 RM1A23D75 RM1A23D100
20 to 280VAC RM1A23A25 RM1A23A50 RM1A23A75 RM1A23A100
22 to 48VDC
400VACrms 850Vp 4 - 32VDC RM1A40D25 RM1A40D50 RM1A40D75 RM1A40D100
20 to 280VAC RM1A40A25 RM1A40A50 RM1A40A75 RM1A40A100
22 to 48VDC
480VACrms 1200Vp 4 - 32VDC RM1A48D25 RM1A48D50 RM1A48D75 RM1A48D100
20 to 280 VAC RM1A48A25 RM1A48A50 RM1A48A75 RM1A48A100
22 to 48VDC
600VACrms 1400Vp 4 - 32VDC RM1A60D25 RM1A60D50 RM1A60D75 RM1A60D100
20 to 280VAC RM1A60A25 RM1A60A50 RM1A60A75 RM1A60A100
22 to 48VDC
Specifications are subject to change without notice (05.08.2014) 1

Datasheet - PDF

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