SZ-016A 226896 OMRON Security Product, lower horizontal metal support LU7 / LME View larger
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SZ-016A 226896 OMRON Security Product, lower horizontal metal support LU7 / LME





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Security Product, lower horizontal metal support LU7 / LME

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Ordering information
Versatile, cost and energy efficient LED signal tower for every need
TheLME series indicating light provides the latest in LED technology. 1 to 5 modules can be arranged in tiers. The original dual reflection system for enhancedlight diffu- sion, creates bright distinctive illumination while saving energy (patent pending).
LME signal towers provide double insulation and superior UV resistant and light trans- lucent AS resin lenses for enhanced durability and reliability in application environ-
Available Colors are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear/White. All colors as clear-lense modules are available
• Diameter: 60 mm
• 2 selectable built- in alarms with adjustable volume up to 90 dB at 1 m for FB type
• Special pre-wired versatile and flexible cable connection of 3 m
• NPN/ PNP compatible
• IP 65
12 3 45678
1. Stack
1 ~ 5
2. Rated voltage
02:24V AC/DC
3. Body color
Blank:lvor y white
N: Black color
U: Silver color
4. Type
Blank:Continuous light
FB: Continuous light orflashing light with
audible alarm
5. Mount
Blank:Pole mount
K:Pole mount (with SZ- 020)
W: Direct mount
6. Connection
C: pre-wired cable 3 m
7.Color ofLED R: Red
Y: Yellow G:Green B: Blue
C: Clear/ White
8. Color ofLens
Blank:Colored lens
Z:Clear lens
Ordering information
Number of stacksMount Model Rated voltagePower consumption
Open collectorOrder code
Continuos light Continuous light with audible alarm
1Pole mountLME-10224 VAC/DC 2.2 WNPN/PNP LME-102-CLME-102-FB-C Direct mount24 VAC/DCLME-102W-CLME-102-FBW-C
2Pole mountLME-20224 VAC/DC 3.4 WLME-202-CLME-202-FB-C Direct mount24 VAC/DCLME-202W-CLME-202-FBW-C
3Pole mountLME-30224 VAC/DC 3.8 WLME-302-CLME-302-FB-C Direct mount24 VAC/DCLME-302W-CLME-302-FBW-C
4Pole mountLME-40224 VAC/DC 4.2 WLME-402-CLME-402-FB-C Direct mount24 VAC/DCLME-402W-CLME-402-FBW-C
5Pole mountLME-50224 VAC/DC 4.6 WLME-502-CLME-502-FB-C
Direct mount24 VAC/DCLME-502W-CLME-502-FBW-C
Optional parts
Typ Material Order code
Wall mount bracket Aluminum alloy die-cast SZ-017
ABS resinSZ-020
PBT/ ABS resin SZ-028
Mount bracket Aluminum alloy die-cast SZ-016A Aluminum alloy die-cast SZ-010
Typ Height MaterialOrder code
Pole 100 mm AluminumPole-100A21
300 mm AluminumPole-300A21
800 mm AluminumPole-800A21
LME Signallingdevices
DimensionsWiring diagram
LME type
LME-W type
24V AC/DC type
Height (mm)
1Light: 150.0
2Lights: 191.2
3Lights: 232.4
4Lights: 273.6
5Lights: 314.8
LME(–W )/LME(–W )-S·Q/LMS [Continuous type]
For continuous light
LED, R Red
LED, Y Orange
LED, G Green
LED, B Blue
LED, C White
YellowFuse supply
Max. thickness 5
3-M4 24V AC/DC: 1400*
*LME-U: 3000
81M4 × 12
2- ø11
Interchangeable LED modules
Easy to add and remove
Dual reflection system
· Changeable color sequence: Easy to add / remove up to 5 colored modules even af ter installation.
· Note: LED modules ofthe same color within a signal tower will light up simultaneously.
If the number ofLED module is changed, center shaf t must be purchased.
The wiring remains the same
Each color ofLED module corresponds to the lead wire color.
PATLITE’s original dual reflection system with its exclusive hybrid prism-cut lens and 5 color LED modules create bright, distinctive, even illumination.
Tobring more attention to cer tain conditions, two, User-selectable, Alarms integrated inthe Base module with adjustable volume up to 85dB at 1m are available.
Size 60 mm diameter Input voltage options•24 VAC/VDC Functions available •Continuous only
•Continuous, flashing, alarms
Mounting options• Pole mount: with 300 mm aluminum pole, plastic circular bracket
•Direct mount:includes 3 mounting nuts
Body style• Pre-assembled,pre-wired
•Interchangeable and stackable after purchase
Body color Beige (optional: Black or silver)
Tiers1-5 modules can be stacked
Module colors Red / Yellow / Green / Blue / Clear/White (for sunlight applications: clear-lense modules in all colors available)
Alarms (FB style only) • Alarm 1: selectable,single-tone,intermittent (fast beep) alarm, 85 dB (at 1 m)
• Alarm 2: selectable,single tone, intermittent (slow beep) alarm, 85 dB (at 1 m)
•UL component recognition(US)
•UL component recognition (Canada)
Protection•IP-65 (LME, LME-W)
•Type 4/4X/13 (indoor, direct-mount only)
Control options•Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
• Open-collectortransistor (NPN or PNP for 24 VDC)
• Direct voltage control for 24 VDC, continuous and alarm functions only

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896English196 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896
pdf2-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896English223 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896
pdf3-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896English239 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896
pdf4-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896English2 Mbytespdf1-mostradoSignal tower, lower pole mounting bracket - OMRON - SZ-016A - 226896

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