ZX1-LD600A66 0.5M 358754 OMRON Advanced sensors, laser sensor 600 ± 400mm 80micras ZX1 NPN Cable 0.5m + conn.. View larger
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ZX1-LD600A66 0.5M 358754 OMRON Advanced sensors, laser sensor 600 ± 400mm 80micras ZX1 NPN Cable 0.5m + conn..

ZX1-LD600A66 0.5M



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Advanced sensors, laser sensor 600 ± 400mm 80micras ZX1 NPN Cable 0.5m + connector

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ZX1 Laser displacement sensor
Highest performance for optimized productivity
Highest performance is now available in matchbox size. We are defining a new class of measurement sensors using an advanced HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic
Range) camera chip.
• Stable measurementfor objects with any surface
• Best in class performance for accuracy and speed
• Compact size for quick mounting
• Increased measurementrange
• Simple configuration by one-button,Smart Tuning
• Reliable measurementin harsh environments
• Integrateddisplay
Ordering information
AppearanceConnection methodCable lengthSensing distance Order code
NPN outputPNP output
Pre-wired 2 m
5 m
50±10 mm
40 60
ZX1-LD50A61 2MZX1-LD50A81 2M
ZX1-LD50A61 5MZX1-LD50A81 5M
Pre-wired connector0.5 m ZX1-LD50A66 0.5M ZX1-LD50A86 0.5M
Pre-wired 2 m
100±35 mm
ZX1-LD100A61 2M ZX1-LD100A81 2M
5 m 65
ZX1-LD100A61 5M ZX1-LD100A81 5M
Pre-wired connector0.5 mZX1-LD100A66 0.5MZX1-LD100A86 0.5M
Pre-wired 2 m
300±150 mm
ZX1-LD300A61 2M ZX1-LD300A81 2M
5 m150
ZX1-LD300A61 5M ZX1-LD300A81 5M
Pre-wired connector0.5 mZX1-LD300A66 0.5MZX1-LD300A86 0.5M
Pre-wired 2 m
5 m
600±400 mm
ZX1-LD600A61 2M ZX1-LD600A81 2M ZX1-LD600A61 5M ZX1-LD600A81 5M
Pre-wired connector0.5 mZX1-LD600A66 0.5MZX1-LD600A86 0.5M
Accessories (sold separately)
Extension cables for pre-wired connector models
An Extension cable is not provided with the sensor. Order an extension cable separately.
Cable lengthOrder code
10 mZX0-XC10R
20 mZX0-XC20R
ZX1 Laser displacement sensor
Model NPN output ZX1-LD50A61
PNP output ZX1-LD50A81
Measurement range 50±10 mm 100±35 mm 300±150 mm 600±400 mm
Light source (wave length)Visible-light semiconductor laser
(wavelength: 660 nm, 1 mW max.,IEC/EN Class 2, FDA Class II*1)
Spot diameter (typical)
(Defined at the measurement center distance)*2
0.17 mm dia.0.33 mm dia.0.52 mm dia.0.56 mm dia.
Power supply voltage10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Current consumption 250 mA max. (at power supply voltage 10 VDC)
Control outputLoad power supply voltage: 30 VDC max., Load current: 100 mA max.
(Residual voltage: 1 V max. (load current 10 mA or less), 2 V max. (load current of 10 to 100 mA))
Analog outputCurrent output: 4 to 20 mA, maximum load resistance: 300 
Indicators Digital display (red), output indicator (OUT1, OUT2) (orange), zero reset indicator (orange), menu indicator (orange), laser ON
indicator (green), and smart tuning indicator (blue)
Response time Judgment output Super-high-speed (SHS) Mode: 1 ms High-speed (HS) Mode:10 ms Standard (Stnd) Mode: 100 ms
Laser OFF input200 ms max.
Zero reset input 200 ms max.
Temperature characteristic*3
Resolution *5
0.03% F.S./°C0.04% F.S./°C
±0.15% F.S. ±0.25% F.S.±0.25% F.S.
(200 to 600 mm)
±0.5% F.S. (entire range)
2 μm7 μm30 μm80 μm
Ambient illuminationIllumination on received light surface:
7,500 lx or less (incandescent light)
Illumination on received light surface:
5,000 lx or less (incandescent light)
Ambient temperature Operating: –10 to 55°C, Storage: –15 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity Operating and storage: 35% to 85% (with no condensation)
Dielectric strength1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 minute3
Vibration resistance (destruction) 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude, 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance (destruction) 500 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection *6
IEC 60529, IP67
Connection method Pre-wired model (Standard cable length: 2 m, 5 m)
Pre-wired connector model (Standard cable length: 0.5 m)
Weight (packed state/ sensor only)
Pre-wired models (2 m) Approx. 240 g / Approx. 180 g Approx. 270 g / Approx. 210 g
Pre-wired models (5 m) Approx. 450 g / Approx. 330 g Approx. 480 g / Approx. 360 g
Pre-wired connector models (0.5 m) Approx. 170 g / Approx. 110 g Approx. 200 g / Approx. 140 g
Materials Case and cover:PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), Optical window: Glass, Cable:PVC, Mounting hole part: SUS303
Accessories Instruction sheet and Laser warning label (English)
*1Classified as Class 2 by EN60825-1 criteria in accordance with the FDA standard previsions of Laser Notice No. 50. Notification to CDRH planned. (Center for Devices and Radiological Health)
*2Spot diameter: Defined as 1/e² (13.5%) of the central intensity at the measurement center distance.
False detections can occur in the case there is light leakage outside the defined region and the surroundings of the target object have a high reflectance in comparison to the target object. Accurate measurements may not be possible for workpieces that are smaller than the spot diameter.
*3Temperature characteristic: Value for the case the space between the sensor and Omron’s standard target object is secured by an aluminumjig. (Measured at the measurement center
*4Linearity: Indicates the error with respect to the ideal straight line of the displacement output in the case of measuring Omron’s standard target object (white ceramic) at a temperature of
25°C. Linearity and measured value may vary depending on target object.
*5Resolution: Defined in Standard Mode for Omron’s standard target object (white ceramic) after executing Smart Tuning.
The resolution indicates the repetition accuracy for a still workpiece. Not an indication of the distance accuracy. Resolution performance may not be satisfied in a strong electromagnetic field.
*6IP67 protection applies to the connector on pre-wired connector models if an extension cable is connected.
Note: False detection outside the measurement range can occur in the case of an object with high reflectance.

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