V680-A60 5M 246935 OMRON Auto-identification equipment, Cable V680-HAM 5m interface 26pines View larger
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V680-A60 5M 246935 OMRON Auto-identification equipment, Cable V680-HAM 5m interface 26pines

V680-A60 5M




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Auto-identification equipment, Cable V680-HAM 5m interface 26pines

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Conforms to ISO/IEC 18000-3 (ISO/IEC 15693) Standards
ID Flag Sensors
The RFID System Can Be Used Just Like a Sensor.
Read or Write 16 Bits at a Time with One Unit Useful in Applications from Simple Line Sorting or Product Identification to Managing Work
Progress or Inspection Data
Easy Setup
Uses 16-bit data
(maximum access of 128 bits)
The Functionality of 16 Sensors
Settings are simple using the switches on the front of the unit. Complex programming is not necessary.
Select an NPN or PNP open-collector output to support your host device. Indicators on the front panel display the ambient noise level, access data, and error code. Easy startup and maintenance.
V600-HAM/HAR-compatibleAccessModestoenableapplicationof existing programs.
Communications with ID Tags is done in 16-bit units to enable up to approximately 64,000 IDs. Read or write up to 128 bits by using the address shift function.
High-speed processing of 43 ms* for a wide variety of applications.
*High-speed processing at 43 ms is applicable when reading a 1-KB ID Tag. This is the communications time between the Antenna and ID Tag plus the processing time in the ID Flag Sensor.
Operating modes, addresses, and output settings are simplified.
Read/write result output
(NPN or PNP)
Host device
I/O Relay Terminal
Normal Sensors (e.g., proximity sensors)
16 Sensors One ID Flag Sensor
(operating status, read/write data, or error code)
Handles up to 128 bits of information.
ID Tag Antenna ID Tag
A Complete Lineup to Meet the Needs of Most Installation Environments and Application Needs
The ID Flag Sensor can be used with ID Tags and Antennas that comply with ISO/IEC 18000-3 (ISO/IEC 15693).
A wide variation of products, including Antennas with IP67 protection for use in FA environments, and long-life ID Tags capable of 10 billion accesses.
Take the V680 Overseas. The V680 complies with international standards and radio wave regulations.
Radio wave regulation compliance is applicable to Japan, Europe, the U.S.A., and Canada. Radio wave regulation compliance for
China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia is pending.

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935English1 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935
pdf1-OMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935English5 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935English1 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - V680-A60 5M - 246935

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