XW2Z-100J-F1 107499 OMRON Motion Control, Cable MCx21 to passive Terminal (E / S) 1m View larger
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XW2Z-100J-F1 107499 OMRON Motion Control, Cable MCx21 to passive Terminal (E / S) 1m





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Motion Control, Cable MCx21 to passive Terminal (E / S) 1m

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Motion control units
High-precision, motion controller with multi- tasking G-language programming
•High-speed control of up to 4 axes with one unit and up to 76 axes with one PLC (19 units x 4 axes) (assumes that power supply unit capacity is not exceeded).
•Winding operations easily controlled at high-speed using traverse positioning control.
•High-speed response to commands from CPU unit
(8 ms for 2 axes, 13 ms for 4 axes).
•Encoder response of 2 Mpps possible with 4x frequency multiplication for applications with high- speed, high-precision servo motors.
•D interrupt code outputs to CPU unit at end of positioning or at specified positions (D code output time: 3.3 ms max.).
•CX-motion Windows-based support software define user mnemonics to use in place of G codes to simplify MC program development and analysis.
•Servo trace function from CX-motion to trace error counter changes or motor speeds.
•Automatic loading function
MC programs and positioning data can be auto- matically downloaded from computer memory when required by the MC unit.
The motion controller provides closed-loop motion control via analog outputs for up to 4 axes, and supports the G language for advanced, high-speed, high-precision position control. Multi-tasking allows you to run the axes independently for a wider range of application.
System configuration
Personal computer
Software: CX-One
CS1 series
Motion control unit
Accurax G5
Servo drive
Accurax G5
Servo drive
Emergency stop input, home and limit switches
Terminal block
Accurax G5
Servo motors
I/O signals
(CN1 connector)
Accurax G5
Servo motors
I/O signals
(CN1 connector)
Motion control units45

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