LSC-R18M-F5-LD 282006 EATON ELECTRIC 282006 LSC-R18M-F5-LD View larger
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LSC-R18M-F5-LD 282006 EATON ELECTRIC 282006 LSC-R18M-F5-LD





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Proximity switch, capacitive, Sn=5mm, 3L, 10-30VDC, 1N/O, M18, metal, line 2m

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Proximity switch, capacitive, Sn=5mm, 3L, 10-30VDC, 1N/O, M18, metal, line 2m
Alternate Catalog No.
EL-Nummer (Norway)
Non-flush: Sn= 5 mm, Degree of Protection: IP67

Delivery program

Contacts [N/O = normally open contact, C/O = changeover contact, P = programmable as N/C or N/O]
Rated switching distance [Sn]
5 mm
Rated operating voltage [Ue]
Maximum load current [Ie]
< 200 mA
M18 x 1 mm
Terminal connection
2 m connection cable
Fitting in metal

Technical data

IEC/EN 60947-5-2
Ambient temperature
25 - +70
Degree of Protection
Shock resistance Shock duration 11 ms
30 g
Rated switching distanceFlush [Sn]
5 mm
Rated switching distanceNon-flush [Sn]
5 mm
Repetition accuracy of Sn
2 %
Temperature drift of Sn
< 20 %
Switching hysteresis of Sn
20 %
Rated operating voltage [Ue]
10 - 65 V DC
Residual ripple of Ue
≦ 10 %
Operating current in the switched state at 24 V DC [Ib]
15 mA
Maximum load current [Ie]
< 200 mA
Voltage drop at Ie[Ud]
1.8 V
Max. operating frequency (resistive load) [f]
≦ 100 Hz
Residual current through the load in the blocked state at 230 V AC and 24 V DC [Ir]
0.1 mA
Switching state display
Yellow LED
Short-circuit protective device, protection against polarity reversal
Output functionThree-wire
Output functionMake contact
StyleThreaded barrel
M18 x 1 mm
StyleThreaded barrel
Connection optionsCable, open
Enclosure materialMetal
CuZn chromed
Enclosure nut tightening torquePlastic
25 Nm
Enclosure nut tightening torqueMetal
25 Nm

Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439

Operating ambient temperature min.
25 °C
Operating ambient temperature max.
+70 °C



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