017D003066 DANFOSS CONTROLES INDUSTRIALES Enter the code RT262AE, the weight of 1.23 kg alarm signal Falling.. View larger
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017D003066 DANFOSS CONTROLES INDUSTRIALES Enter the code RT262AE, the weight of 1.23 kg alarm signal Falling..



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RT262AE Differential pressure switch M/9

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RT differential switches are used in General industrial applications and marine applications. Series differential pressure switch RT consists of a variety of switches for those applications where the critical factors are safety and efficiency. Relay RT is operated over 60 years. Pressure ranges: 0 - 11 bar replaceable contact System available with gold-plated contacts, the Resiliency of the Adjustable differential, protection Class IP66 available with reset nm minimum / maximum (IP54) also available as a pressure switch, General purpose available with dead zone available with approvals for use in shipbuilding
Type code RT262AE
Weight 1.23 kg
Alarm Drop
Temp. env. environment -50 - 70 °C
Temp. env. environment -58 - 158 °F
applications with ammonia Yes
Approval ATEX - Cat. 2 - Zone 1, CCC, CE, EAC, RMRS
ATEX text -20C<ta<+65C
ATEX text II 2G Ex ia IIC T6...T1 Gb
Differential 0,10 bar
Appointment contacts. SPDT (neutral zone)
Permissible load on the contact group Ci=0.5 nF
Permissible load on the contact group Ii=0.5 A
Permissible load on the contact group Li=0.2 uH
Permissible load on the contact group Pi=1 W
Permissible load on the contact group Ui=29 V
Range diff. 0,10 - 1,50 bar
The range of differential 0,01 - 0,15 MPa
The range of differential 1,5 - 22,0 psi
EAN Five trillion seven hundred two billion four hundred twenty eight million one hundred thirty one thousand four hundred seventy six
The size of the email. connect. 2xPg 13.5
Specification of El. Conn. EN 60947-4/-5
Case IP66
Factory setting 0,12 bar
Factory setting 0,012 MPa
Factory setting The 2.0 psig
Bulb No.
Max. test pressure 13,0 bar
Max. Operating Pressure [bar] 11,0 bar
Max. working pressure 160 psig
Operating range ND -1 - 9 bar
Custom range -15 - 131 psig
Pressure connection 3/8
Pressure connection standard ISO 228-1
Pressure connection standard type G
Pressure Outer/Inner Exterior
Pressure range -1,00 - 9,00 bar
Pressure range -15,0 - 131,0 psig
Equipment description Relay Differential Pressure
product Switches and thermostats
Prod. name Differential pressure switch
Refrigerants HC
Refrigerants HCFC/HFC
Refrigerants R717
Setting range -15,00 - of 131.00 psig
Reset AUTO

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