RR2A40HA150 CARLO GAVAZZI SYSTEM Motor Reversing LOAD Phase 3 HOUSING WIDTH 45mm to 90mm MOTOR RATING Up t.. View larger
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RR2A40HA150 CARLO GAVAZZI SYSTEM Motor Reversing LOAD Phase 3 HOUSING WIDTH 45mm to 90mm MOTOR RATING Up t..



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SYSTEM Motor Reversing LOAD Phase 3 HOUSING WIDTH >45mm to 90mm MOTOR RATING Up to 3kW OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE Up to 480VAC LOAD CURRENT Up to 10A CONTROLLED PHASES 2-Phase MAX NUMBER OF STATS PER HOUR >50 to 100 Others LOAD (result) 2-Phase motor reversing controller with AC control LOAD CURRENT 5A AC MAX MOTOR RATING 1.5 kW OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE 40-440V ACrms DIMENSIONS 103 x 73.5 x 41 mm CONTROLLED PHASES 2-Phase MAX NUMBER OF STATS PER HOUR 60

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Motor Controllers
Industrial, 2-Phase Motor Reversing
Type RR2A
• Motor reversing
for 3-phase induction motors up to 5.5 kW
• Rated operational voltage: Up to 480 VACrms
• Built-in interlock function
• DC or AC control voltage
• Built-in voltage transient protection
• LED indication for direction
• Isolation: Optocoupler (input-output)
4000 VACrms
• Direct copper bonding technology
Product Description
Ordering Key
RR 2 A 40 D 150
This family of 2-Phase Motor Reversing Controller is de- signed to control the directon of 3-phase motors rated up to
5.5 kW. The built-in interlock- ing circuitry prevents the relay from switching both direc- tions simultaneously and pro- duce a short-circuitbetween the 2 phases of the output. A dual colour LED indicates di- rection "forward"when green and direction "reverse" when red. The outputis protected from excessive voltage fluctu-
ations(transients) bybuilt-in varistors. Furthermore, opti- mum reliability is achieved by soldering the outputthyristor chips directlyon to the ceramic substrate (Direct Copper Bonding).
The housingisdesignedto incorporatea temperature limit switch. It is recommend- ed to install an appropriate semiconductorfuse in series with the relay.
Motor reversing
Number of phasesSwitching mode
Rated operational voltage
Control input type
Motor power rating
Type Selection
Switching mode
A: Zero Switching
Selection Guide
Rated operational voltage, Ue
40: 400 VACrms
48: 480 VACrms
Control voltage
D:10 -40 VDC LA:90 -140 VAC HA: 180 -265 VAC
Motor rating
150: 1.5 kW, 2 HP
220: 2.2 kW, 3 HP
400: 4.0 kW, 5 HP
550: 5.5 kW, 7.5 HP
Rated opera- tional voltage
Control voltage
Motor rating
1.5 kW2.2 kW4.0 kW 5.5 kW
400 VACrms
480 VACrms
10 to 40 VDC RR2A40D150 RR2A40D400
90 to 140 VACRR2A40LA150 RR2A40LA400
180 to 265 VACRR2A40HA150 RR2A40HA400
10 to 40 VDC RR2A48D220 RR2A48D550
90 to 140 VACRR2A48LA220RR2A48LA550
180 to 265 VACRR2A48HA220RR2A48HA550
General Specifications
RR2 A 40. .... RR2 A 48 . 220RR2 A 48 . 550
Operational voltage range 40 to 440 VACrms 40 to 530 VACrms 40 to 530 VACrms Blocking voltage≤ 1200 Vp≤ 1200 Vp ≤ 1600 Vp Operational frequency range 45 to 65 Hz45 to 65 Hz45 to 65 Hz
Power factor ≥ 0.5 @ 400 VACrms ≥ 0.5 @ 480 VACrms ≥ 0.5 @ 480 VACrms
LED on indicationYes (Green for Forward, Red for Reverse)
Specifications are subject to change without notice (05.06.2010) 1

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