SH2D500WE230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Dimmer HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others TYPE Dim.. View larger
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SH2D500WE230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Dimmer HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others TYPE Dim..




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Selected parameters TYPE Dimmer HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others TYPE Dimmer HOUSING H2 (W36) POWER SUPPLY 230 VAC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Scenario dimmer with 1 x 500W output for halogen lights, bulbs etc.

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Smart Dupline®
Power dimmer upto 500W with Energy Reading
Type SH2D500WE230
• Universal dimmer up to 500W for R, L, C
load and LED lamps
• Automatic load detection for R, L, C loads
• Integrated heat sink for temperature dissipation
• 1 dimmable output
• Soft start/stop
• Protected against short circuit, overload and high temperature
• Minimum load 3 W
• Instantaneous variables readout: current, voltage, power
• Energy measurement: kWh
• Faulty lamp recognition
Product Description Ordering KeyS H 2 D 500W E 230
This 500W universal dimmer is designed for DIN-rail mountingwithenergy mea- surement. Single phase vari- ables: VLN, A, W. Energy measurement: total kWh consumed by the connected load. This universal dimmer is suitable for dimming resis- tive, inductive and capaci- tive loads and LED lamps (see LED lamps table). The maximumloadofR,L,C type is 500W depending on the temperature: the reduc- tionis describedaccording to the trend in the diagram “derating curve”.
The dimmer automatically detects if the connected loadisresistive,capacitive orinductive,butifaLED
Type Selection
lampistobedriven,the user has to select the right curve as described below. Thedimmeriscompletely programmableviathe smart-house tool.
The technology used enablestoelectricallypro- tectthe dimmer against shortcircuit,overloadand over-temperature. Thanks to theinternalbus,itcanbe easily connected to adjacent dimmers(see “wiringdia- gram”)withoutthe need of cabling the Dupline®BUS. Futhermore,theintegrated sink allows you to mount the dimmersadjacentlywithout anyreductionoftheload duetotheincreasedtem- perature.
DIN housing
2 modules Dimmer Maximum load
Energy measurement
Power supply
HousingMounting Max. load Output type Supply: 115 to 240 VAC
2 DIN DIN-rail 500WPower mosfet SH2D500WE230
Output Specifications
Maximum load 500 W for R, L, C load
Note:thisis themaximum power supplied to the load: if an inductive transformer is used, the efficiency of about
60%has tobe considered before connecting the lamps. If a capacitive transformer is used, the efficiency is about
Minimum load3 W @ 230 V, 6 W @ 115V Protections Overload, short circuit, thermal Output typePower mosfet
Rated operational voltage115/240 VAC Operational voltage range115/240 VAC ±10% Rated operational frequency50/60 Hz
Dimming speedProgrammable
Types of dimmable lamps Incandescent (R) Different types of outputs (L,C)LV halogen lamps with can not be mixed electronic ballast (C)
LV halogen lamps with conventional transformer (L) HV halogen lamps (R)
115/230V dimmable LED lamp ESL (Electron Stimulated Luminescence) lamps
Notes: if energy saving lamps are used, attention has to be paid to the maxi- mum inrush current at start- up: it mustnotbe greater than 3.5A otherwise the overload protectionwill be activated.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (10.12.2013) 1

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