PB10C3T20PO CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING Ø10 Ø20 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m .. View larger
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PB10C3T20PO CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING Ø10 Ø20 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m ..




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Selected parameters SYSTEM Through-beam HOUSING Ø10 - Ø20 SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Cable OUTPUT DC PNP MATERIAL Plastic Others SENSING RANGE 20 m HOUSING Ø10 x 42 mm MATERIAL PC

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Through-beam, Transistor Output
Type PB10C.T20..
• Elevators, Escalators and Entrance control
• Range 20 m
• Modulated, infrared light
• Supply voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
• Output: 100 mA, NPN or PNP type
• Make or break switching
• LED for output indication or power supply
• Protection: reverse polarity, short circuit, transients
• Cable versions with or without connector
• Emitter mute and power adjustment
• High neighbour immunity, 3-codes
• CE, UL325 and UL508 approved
Product Description
Ordering Key
The PB10CNT. is a through beam sensor set specially designed for Elevators, Escalators, Entrance control to meet the requirements in the door market. The hous- ing is very robust and is known for it’s high long term relaibilitymute.The emitter
Type Selection
has a mute inputtoturn it off for evaluation of the sen- sor function.
Theemitterandreceivers can be delivered in 3 differ- ent codeson orderto improve neighbour immunity. Available in 10-30 VDC version.
Housing styleg
Housing size Housing material Sensor code Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration Connection type Cable connector
Housing Range Con-Ordering no. Ordering no. Ordering no. Ordering no. Ordering no. diameter Snnec- Receiver Receiver Receiver Receiver Emitter
Ø 10 mm Code 120 mNO PB10C1T20NO PB10C1T20NC PB10C1T20PO PB10C1T20PC PB10C1T20
Ø 10 mm Code 220 mNO PB10C2T20NO PB10C2T20NC PB10C2T20PO PB10C2T20PC PB10C2T20
Ø 10 mm Code 320 mNO PB10C3T20NO PB10C3T20NC PB10C3T20PO PB10C3T20PC PB10C3T20
Ø 10 mm Code 120 mYES PB10C1T20NO-C2 PB10C1T20NC-C2 PB10C1T20PO-C2 PB10C1T20NC-C2 PB10C1T20-C2
Ø 10 mm Code 220 mYES PB10C2T20NO-C2 PB10C2T20NC-C2 PB10C2T20PO-C2 PB10C2T20NC-C2 PB10C2T20-C2
Ø 10 mm Code 320 mYES PB10C3T20NO-C2 PB10C3T20NC-C2 PB10C3T20PO-C2 PB10C3T20NC-C2 PB10C3T20-C2
Note: Please order emitter and receiver separately
Specifications Emitter
Rated operational volt. (UB)10 to 30 VDC Ripple (Urrp) ≤ 10% Supply current ≤ 20 mA
ProtectionReverse polarity, transients
Control input
Normal oper. > 1.5 VDC Mute < 1.2 VDC
Light sourceLED, 880 nm
Light type Infrared, modulated
Optical angle ± 5°
Indication function
Power supply ON LED, green
Mute input ONLED, green flashing
Power adjustment
Rx ~ 1.5 kΩ -10 kΩ 50 - 100%, in 7 steps
Specifications are subject to change without notice (11.02.2010) 1

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