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Softstarters Soft Starters Motor


Soft Starters

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Transformer Switching Transformer SoftStarter Type TSE6-1A.......
• Soft starting/switching of 1-phase transformers
• Rated operational voltage: up to 500 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Rated operational current: up to 63 A
• LED-indication for operation and alarm
Product Description
Ordering Key
The transformer soft starter TSE6-1 is an electronic relay with a new integrated soft start procedure which switches on single phase transformers without inrush current. It can either be transformer with EI-cut strip- wound core or toroidal core with any secondary load or it can be a parallel connection of different types of trans- formers. Thesoft start pro- cedure used is patented and
works with the premagnet- isation of the transformer.
The TSE6-1 isavailablein three different versions: As compact version up to 16 A with internal thyristor and bypass relay or as control unit in combination with ex- ternal thyristors or semicon- ductor relay with bypass contactorforhighcurrents (> 16 A).
Transformer soft starter
Rated operational voltage Rated operational current Remote-On input
Output signal
Detection mains voltage deformation
Special version
ApplicationRated operationalRated operationalRemote-On input voltagecurrent
A: 1-phase transformer1: 110 VAC(90-135 VAC)1: < 16 A1: 4-32 VDC
2: 230 VAC (160-270 VAC)2: > 16 A (with ext.
3: 400 VAC (280-440 VAC)thyristor module)
4: 500 VAC (350-550 VAC)
Selection Guide
Rated operational voltage Rated operational Rated operational current < 16 Acurrent > 16 A
(with ext. thyristor module)
110 VAC (45-65 Hz)TSE 6-1A1113100TSE 6-1A1213100
230 VAC (45-65 Hz)TSE 6-1A2113100TSE 6-1A2213100
400 VAC (45-65 Hz)TSE 6-1A3113100TSE 6-1A3213100
500 VAC (45-65 Hz)TSE 6-1A4113100TSE 6-1A4213100
Specifications are subject to change without notice1

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