DSB53XD1000 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 54 mm MONITOR.. View larger
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DSB53XD1000 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 54 mm MONITOR..



Selected parameters MONITORED VARIABLE Surge protection Others SIZE 54 mm MONITORING FUNCTION Protection for DC systems MOUTING DIN-rail INPUT RANGE 1000 VDC

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Inductive Sensors and Loop Detector

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Monitoring Relays
Surge Arresters forDC systems
Type DSB D
• Type 2 (class C) according to EN61643-1 (VDE 0675, part 6-11)
• Plug-in cartridges
• Optical indication of the correct working of the cartridge (red window: exhausted cartridge)
• Voltage-free contact, for remote function monitoring, optional
• Independed thermal separating device for each pole
• Assembled unit ready for mounting
• Marked connections
• For DIN-rail mounting
Product Description Ordering Key
DSB 53 X D 1000
DSBDisType2(Class C) surge arresters according toEN61643-
11 (VDE 0675,part6-11) suitable for protecting photovoltaicDCsys- tems from transient overvoltage duetoindi- rect atmospheric dis- charges. It is available bothin 3-pole configu- ration,allowing bothdif- ferential and common mode protection.The
controlwindows(red indication)and the optional contact allow both alocal and a remote monitoring of the status oftheplug-in cartridges,warningthe operator abouttheneed topromptlyreplace the cartridges themselves. DSBDcanbeinstalled on a DIN-railin every commercially available distribution box.
Description Code
DIN-rail D
Surge arrestersS
Type 2 (class C)B
Cartridge dimensions
17.5 mm5
None X
1 (relay) C
1000 VDC1000
Type Selection
CodeDescriptionMax. cont. operating voltage
Output relay
DSB53XD10003-pole (Y) surge arrester for P.V. installations1000 VDCNone
DSB53CD10003-pole (Y) surge arrester for P.V. installations1000 VDC DPDT
Cartridge specifications
Max. continuous operatingUc voltage DC 1000 VDC
SPD according to
CEI EN 61643-11 Type 2
SPD according to
IEC 61643-1Class II
LPZ 1 --> 2
Nominal discharge surge In current (8/20) 20kA
Max. discharge surge currentImax
(8/20)40 kA
Voltage protection level Up < 3.65 kV Response time tA < 25 ns Protection fuse size
(if mains > 125A) 125 A gL
Front windowNo color, working cartridge Red, exhausted cartridge (to be replaced)
Operating temperature-40 to +80 °C
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Pictures are just an example. For special features and/or customization, please ask to our sales network. REV0 100713 1

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