G34930000230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Converter/Repeater HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY..



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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Converter/Repeater HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC I/O TYPE None NUMBER OF I/O 0 Others MODULE TYPE Dupline-Optical converter HOUSING H4 (W72) I/O TYPE None POWER SUPPLY 115/230 VAC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS AC-powered Dupline-optical converter, operates pairwise with G34920000

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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/Optical Fibre Converters
Types G 3492 0000 and G 3493 0000
• Converts Dupline® for transmission on optical fibre
• Runs on optical multimode fibre pairs
(50/125, 62.5/125)
• ST type connector
• Up to 5 km optical transmission distance with
62.5/125 fibre
• DIN-rail mounting
• LED-indications for supply and fibre connection
• AC power supply
Product DescriptionOrdering Key
G 3493 0000 230
The G34930000 converts the Dupline® signal for transmis- sion on optical multimode fibre pairs (50/125, 62.5/125). The G34930000 always oper- ates together with a G34920000,whichconverts
Type Selection
the signal back from optical to electrical representation via a built-in channel generator output stage. Up to 5 km opticaltransmission distance can be achieved.
Type: Dupline® Function Power supply
Supply Ordering no. Ordering no.
Optical-to-Electrical Electrical-to-Optical
115/230 VAC G 3492 0000 230 G 3493 0000 230
24 VACG 3492 0000 024 G 3493 0000 024
Supply Specifications
Power supply AC-Types Overvoltage cat. III (IEC 60664) Rated operational voltage
through term. 21 & 24
jumper term. 22 & 23230 230 VAC ± 15% (IEC 60038)
*)through term. 21 & 22
jumper term. 24 & 22115 115 VAC ± 15% (IEC 60038)
jumper term. 21 & 23
through term. 21 & 22 024 24 VAC ± 15% (IEC 60038) Frequency 45 to 65 Hz
Rated operational powerTyp. 3 W Power dissipation≤ 4 W Rated impulse withstand
voltage 230 V 4 kV
115 V 2.5 kV
024 V 800 V Dielectric voltage
Supply - Dupline® ≥ 4 kVAC (rms)
*)When use of 115 VAC, make sure to parallel the terminals as shown.
Input/Output Specifications
Optical Interface
Optical fibre typeMultimode Glass fibre
Dimensions 50/125 or 62.5/125
Connectors ST plugs
Optical power budget @ 25°C15dB (62.5/125 µm fibre)
10.5dB (50/125 µm fibre) Transmission distanceUp to 5 km (62.5/125 fibre)
Output (G 3492 0000 only) Secondary Dupline®
Number of outputs1
Output voltage8.2 VDC Current≤ 40 mA Short-circuit protection ≤ 60 s
Sequence time Follows primary Dupline®
Dupline® transmission delay from
- primary to secondary 1 mSec
- secondary to primary max 1 Dupline® scan
136 mSec
Specifications are subject to change without notice (07.02.2008) 1
Dupline®is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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