E2E-X3D2-M1G 238540 OMRON Annäherungssensor, Kurz 2h cc Enr 3mm NC M12 M12 Vergrößern
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E2E-X3D2-M1G 238540 OMRON Annäherungssensor, Kurz 2h cc Enr 3mm NC M12 M12





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Annäherungssensor, Kurz 2h cc Enr 3mm NC M12 M12

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Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
A New Series of Easy-to-use and Tough E2E/E2E2 Models
Long-size E2E2 Proximity Sen- sor Conforms to CENELEC
• Ideal for a variety of applications.
• With a metal connector that can be tightened securely and a cable protector.
• With an easy-to-see indicator, deeper mounting holes, and tightening flats for wrenches.
• New 3-dia. size (sensing distance: 0.6 mm) added to the lineup.

Please read and understand this catalog before purchasing the products. Please consult your OMRON representative if you have any questions or comments.
Ordering Information
DC 2-wire/Pre-wired Models
Self-diagnostic output function
Size Sensing distance Model
Yes Shielded M12 3 mm E2E-X3D1S (See note 1.) --- M18 7 mm E2E-X7D1S (See note 1.) --- M30 10 mm E2E-X10D1S (See note 1.) ---
Unshielded M12 8 mm E2E-X8MD1S (See note 1.) --- M18 14 mm E2E-X14MD1S (See note 1.) --- M30 20 mm E2E-X20MD1S (See note 1.) ---
No Shielded M8 2 mm E2E-X2D1-N (See notes 2 and 3.) E2E-X2D2-N (See note 3.) M12 3 mm E2E-X3D1-N (See notes 1, 2 and 3.) E2E-X3D2-N (See note 3.) M18 7 mm E2E-X7D1-N (See notes 1, 2 and 3.) E2E-X7D2-N (See note 3.) M30 10 mm E2E-X10D1-N (See notes 1, 2 and 3.) E2E-X10D2-N
Unshielded M8 4 mm E2E-X4MD1 (See notes 2 and 3.) E2E-X4MD2
M12 8 mm E2E-X8MD1 (See notes 1, 2 and 3.) E2E-X8MD2
M18 14 mm E2E-X14MD1 (See notes 1, 2 and 3.) E2E-X14MD2
M30 20 mm E2E-X20MD1 (See notes 1, 2 and 3. E2E-X20MD2
Note 1. In addition to the above models, E2E-X@@15 models (e.g., E2E-X3D15-N), which are different in frequency from the above models, are available.
2. E2E models with a robotics cable are available as well. The model number of a model with a robotics cable has the suffix “-R” (e.g., E2E-X3D1-R).
3. Cables with a length of 5 m are also available. Specify the cable length at the end of the model number (e.g., E2E-X3D1-N 5M).
E2E/E2E2 Cylindrical Proximity Sensor 1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoNäherungssensor - induktiv, Schaltabstand Sn3mm, bündig - Messing-Gehäuse, zy - OMRON - E2E-X3English1 Mbytespdf1-mostradoNäherungssensor - induktiv, Schaltabstand Sn3mm, bündig - Messing-Gehäuse, zy - OMRON - E2E-X3

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