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Ausgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges INFO1 Fernsteuerung INFO2 95x63x33 INFO3 Batterie 2xAA INFO4 Handgerät IR Fernbedienung, 8x smart-house Signale, 15m Reichweite

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IR Remote Controller
Handheld infrared remote controller
8 channel transmitter (possible to increase the number of channels to 64) Designed and coded for BSJ-IRX8 and BOW-IRXSTD8 IR receiver Operating distance: 15 m
Supplied via 2 x 1.5 V micro batteries (AA)
Principle of transmission Infrared light 950 nm
Wave frequency 38 kHz
Coding PPM-kode
(Pulse Position Modulation) Length of telegram 12 bit
No. of channels 8 (64 via more IR-receivers
BSJ-IRX8 and
BOW-IRXSTD8) Operating distance 15 m
Batteries 2 x 1.5 V (LR06) size AA
Supply Ordering no.
Batteries BSJ-REMSTD64
Indication of currently 63
activated group
Change switching group
The IR remote control system is a system component for the smart- house bus. It consists of two modules: an 8-channel IR-receiver (smart- house transmitter) and an 8-channel handheld IR transmitter.
The IR-receiver is supplied by smart-house, which eliminates the need for further connections, and is intended for building into flush-type switch boxes. The IR-receiver can transmit on eight smart-house chan- nels, and the address coding is performed by means of the program- ming unit BGP-COD-BAT through the rear-mounted modular plug connection. The handheld IR-transmitter has eight keys for activation of the eight channels. By means of push-button A-H, it is possible to preset channel groups A to H of the corresponding receiver, which means that a handheld transmitter can activate up to 64 channels. The
64 channels are NOT smart-house addresses, but an internal coding between transmitter and receiver. See datasheet for IR-receiver BSJ-IRX8 or BOW-IRXSTD8 for further information. The handheld transmitter features a text writing facility at the back.
Address coding of the IR-receiver (smart-house transmitter) can take place before or after start-up. In either case, the bus cable must be con- nected at the screw terminal on the back of the receiver (1=Signal,
2=Ground). The IR-receiver should be mounted in the specified direc- tion in the switch box, in order to achieve optimum receiving charac- teristics.
The handheld IR-transmitter must be equipped with two batteries type LR06 size AA. The transmission with IR systems only works when quasi-visual contact exists between transmitter and receiver within the transmission range. Often reflection reception is also possible. Transmission cannot take place through walls or windows. Therefore a suitable place for mounting must be selected.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (12.09.2007) - A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges INFO1 Fernsteuerung INFO2 95x63x33 INFO - CARLO GAVAZZI - BSJ-REMGerman178 Kbytespdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges INFO1 Fernsteuerung INFO2 95x63x33 INFO - CARLO GAVAZZI - BSJ-REM
pdf1-Ausgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges INFO1 Fernsteuerung INFO2 95x63x33 INFO - CARLO GAVAZZI - BSJ-REnglish12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges INFO1 Fernsteuerung INFO2 95x63x33 INFO - CARLO GAVAZZI - BSJ-REM

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